April 16th, 2012


[mod] EXO-M

EXO-M is heretofore considered a foreign act.  They  may be posted about in moderation if it's something that's particularly important, something major in the vein of what they are, a foreign celeb.

EXO-M is Kpop, they are a Korean product, they are promoted and created by a Korean company, they are a Korean group with Chinese members.  EXO-M remakes EXO-K's songs in Mandarin, that is not indicative of an original Cpop group.  They also consider themselves ONE group.  This is not the same situation as Han Geng, SJ-M or any other Korean-related group that has been posted here.

**Further, if you don't like this comm, if you aren't here for Chinese Ent, but rather Korean entertainment in China, you can go elsewhere.  I won't engage ANY trolling, I'll just ban you if I see it, no warning, no questions.  I don't have the time or caring for this sort of childish ~internetz~ drama, so you can either get over it or go elsewhere.  You may have bullied other mods into capitulating, but it won't happen here.

We apologize for any unnecessarily harsh comments to those who perhaps did not deserve it, but the trolling and wank mostly caused by people who have previously never participated here only to show up and complain and otherwise be gits because of this ONE group put us in a very pissy mood.
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