April 6th, 2012


Most Anticipated Chinese Movies of 2012

At the start of this year, many low-budget Chinese movies like "A Simple Life" and "Love in The Puff" received both considerable box office revenue and positive feedback. For example, "A Simple Life" took over 60 million yuan at the box office, making it the most profitable movie from director Ann Hui.

In the remaining 9 months of 2012, many low-budget Chinese movies hit big screens. Will they survive from the box office battle against Hollywood blockbusters? Famous movie website Mtime.com filed an anticipated-Chinese-movie list for 2012.

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World’s longest and highest tunnel-to-tunnel suspension bridge built in China

The longest and highest tunnel-to-tunnel suspension bridge in the world has finally opened, linking two cities in southern China.

The Aizhai Suspension Bridge stretches 3,858 feet between a tunnel in Chadong and another in Jishou. It cuts the travel time of the trip between the two cities down from several days to just eight hours.

Construction on the breathtaking bridge began in October 2011 and it opened to the public Saturday, according to The Associated Press.

At 1,102 feet off the ground, drivers can take in views of the Dehang Canyon. Or, pedestrians who aren't scared of heights — or long walks — can stroll along an attached walkway.

The bridge was designed to ease traffic in the mountainous Jishou region, where roads are often winding, narrow and steep, according to the Guardian.

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