April 1st, 2012


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Top Tunes for the week ending March 27

Sichuan-born singing contest star River Dai (代悦) and Malaysian singer Victor Wong (品冠) lead the charts in the week from March 20 to 27. See the featured video of Victor’s Hold Your Hand.

1. Flawed Beauty (缺陷美) by River Dai

2. Thank You (谢谢你) by Li Jian (李健)

3. Wu Liu Liu (乌溜溜) by Jerry Yuan (袁成杰)

4. Di Da (滴答) by Kan Kan (侃侃)

5. Heartbroken Tourists (伤心旅客) by Icy Cao (曹方)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Hold Your Hand (執子之手) by Victor Wong

2. Bad Girl (壞女孩) by Ella Chen (陳嘉樺)

3. The Other Half (老伴) by Evonne Hsu (許慧欣)

4. I Don’t Want You To Be Alone (我不願讓你一個人) by Mayday (五月天)

5. Awakening (一覺醒來) by Anthony Neely (倪安東)

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