March 30th, 2012


Chapman To says goodbye to Weibo too

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Like Shu Qi, Chapman To was too attacked by Netizens due to the Donnie Yen issue. Yesterday he left a message on Weibo telling fans to not miss him and soon after he deleted all of his Weibo entries. Reporters contacted Chapman to confirm, he admitted that he has stopped using Weibo: "This is my personal decision. After Shu Qi enlightened me, I've been too into Weibo in the last two years. If there are always disputes, fans will not be happy and it will affect my everyday life. I have to get back to reality."

The other night, Chapman attended the premiere for new film Vulgaria with his wife Kristal Tin. When asked about Shu Qi's incident on Weibo, he expressed he believes she can get through the crisis and the incident is a very small ripple in her life.

Source: Oriental Daily
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Late Autumn enjoys Chinese Spring

KIM Tae-yong
김태용 | 金兌容
's Late Autumn 만추 (2010) claimed was second place at the China box office at the weekend, securing bigger numbers for the cross-national romance than on its original South Korean release in Feb 2011.

Set in the US, the film stars TANG Wei 湯唯 as a female prisoner, originally from China, who is given 72 hours parole to visit her family in Seattle. On the train, she befriends a man on-the-run, played by South Korea's HYUN Bin 현빈.

The film has taken RMB27.8 million (US$4.40 million) in China in three days. In South Korea, it took ₩2.72 billion (US$2.39 million) over three days during its opening weekend and ended its theatrical release with ₩6.30 billion (US$5.55 million).

In China, John Carter led the weekend box office. In ten days, the 3-D film has taken RMB188 million (US$29.8 million). The figure represents just shy of 50% of its US$62.4 million takings in North America, and more than 10% of its global income.

The only other new release to enter the top ten was Joyful Reunion 飲食男女 好遠又好近. The China-Taiwan co-production made RMB2.7 million (US$429,000). The official sequel to Ang LEE 李安's Eat Drink Man Woman 飲食男女 (1994) also performed poorly in Taipei, making NT$310,000 (US$49,100) over three days.


Wow I didn't realize this hadn't been released in China before now.  Still want to see.


Alien Huang willing to do household chores for his girl

It's been a month since Taiwanese singer-actor Alien Huang arrived in Singapore to film upcoming Ch8 drama Joys of Life.

Alien, who usually can't bear the heat, has been adapting surprisingly well to the local weather. During a group interview for the promotion of his latest album Break Heart Black Heart, the singer shared that although he enjoyed the local delicacies, he hasn't had a chance to explore the city due to his filming schedule.

When asked if he was exhausted from his busy schedule, Alien let on that he prefers spending time alone such as watching DVDs, drawing and writing lyrics.

The singer also added that he loves to arrange his things neatly and would also vacuum his bed and sofa regularly to prevent dirt from building up.

Back at home in Taiwan, Alien would often stand and admire his day's work after cleaning and arranging his toys in the cupboard. While he admitted to enjoying doing household chores like these, the singer denied to having obsessive compulsive disorder.

When asked if he would accept a sloppy girl who does not like to do housework, Alien, who felt that "feelings are the most important" to him, surprisingly said, "It doesn't matter, as long as you don't create a mess. You can choose not to do it, I'll do it."

The singer, who is also a host on Taiwanese entertainment programme 100% Entertainment, shared that he had visited a few actresses' houses while hosting the show, and realised they loved piling clothes on their beds and covering them with their blankets, which was something he could not accept.

Alien also did not like people who eat in their beds because he felt that one should only touch the bed after a bath.

"You can be like that in your own house, but you cannot do so in mine. If you come to my place, I have an area for you to put your things. You can place them however you want, but only in that area," he emphasised but added that this is merely his personal hygiene habit.

Laure Shang Wenjie

Roy Qiu announces relationship with Tang Yan

Tang Yan joins the club of the young huadan's in love as Liu Shishi continues to hold out against pressure from everyone getting into relationships this year.

Actor – racecar driver Roy Qiu finally admitted that he and actress Tang Yan are in some sort of a relationship  after pictures of Tang Yan’s photo taped on his race car were revealed multiple times over the past half a year. The two played couples in  idol drams My Daughter and Love Waking Up, and had worked together for Unbeatable II.

In a recent interview, he joked that his last car crash was because he didn’t tape her picture on his car. He also said that their relationship is “in development” and “going smoothly”, but asked for space.  I can’t tell if it’s just a weird way of saying they’re dating without really saying it, or if they’re in some awkward stage where they obviously like each other enough to both openly confess liking each other, but are not really technically dating?

Photos of Tang Yan in his racecar were shown in several sources, including some videos and pictures from his own team, of Tang Yan’s photos in his racecar.  Tang Yan has also recently put up a weibo saying “Love is : The future road, we’ll walk together” with a picture of the two’s shoes in “Love Waking Up, ” although she soon deleted the weibo.

source: cfensi