March 25th, 2012

Laure Shang Wenjie

Stills from Female Prime Minister

Medina Maimaiti wonders why she can't look this gorgeous as Princess Fragrance.

The first Yu Zheng series that finally stars two good looking stars since Gong/Palace , Female Prime Minister features “Princess Qing’er” Zhao Liying, the best looking Yu Zheng workshops artists Chen Xiao, as well as an array of first-time Yu Zheng actors like Kimi Qiao Renliang, Medina Maimaiti and GuiGui from Hey Girl ( -insert Ryan Gosling mental image here -  ).

Two of China’s major historical producers – Yu Zheng (Palace/Gong, Schemes of a Beauty) and Gao Xixi (Happiness is like a Flower, New Romance of the Three Kingdoms) – team up for Female Prime Minister, a rare Southern and Northern Dynasties drama about the only female prime minister in Chinese history. The drama will also put a focus on the art of ceramics, as the Northern Qi era was a period of revival for Chinese ceramics.

The drama is directed by Li Huizhu (Palace/Gong, I have a date with a vampire) and scripted by Zhang Wei (Du Lala’s Promotions). Product begun last week and plans to air next summer on Hunan TV.

source: cfensi, cfensi

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Jason Chan Releases "Lost and Found"

One and a half years after Put On, Hong Kong singer Jason Chan is here to unleash his latest brand-new album. Carrying six Cantonese and three Mandarin new songs, Lost and Found features six celebrity songwriters, namely Fama, Pakho Chau, Phil Lam, Louis Cheung, Endy Chow, and Sugar Club's Sebastian, each composing one of the Cantonese tracks, while the Mandarin tracks are tailor-made by renowned Taiwan producer Jamie Hsueh. The first single to come off the bilingual album is the Pakho-composed chart hit "Murder Case", with Sebastian's "Timing" and the heartfelt Mandarin ballad "Immature" as successive plugs.


This is one of his best albums no doubt