March 18th, 2012


Top Tunes for the week ending March 13

Icy Cao

Yunnan-born singer Icy Cao (曹方) and Taiwan’s One Million Star (超級星光大道) winner Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) lead the charts in the week from March 6 to 13. See the featured video of Icy Cao.

1. Heartbroken Tourists (伤心旅客) by Icy Cao

2. Father (父亲) by Chopsticks Brothers (筷子兄弟)

3. Journey (旅途) by Jeno Liu (刘力扬)

4. Thank You (谢谢你) by Li Jian (李健)

5. Magic Of Love (爱的魔法) by Kym Jin (金莎)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Fool (傻子) by Yoga Lin

2. Awakening (一覺醒來) by Anthony Neely (倪安東)

3. Hold Your Hand (執子之手) by Victor Wong (品冠)

4. Everyone’s Changing (每個人都在變) by Chris Yu (游鴻明)

5. When We Experience It Together (當我們一起走過) by Sodagreen (蘇打綠)

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