March 6th, 2012


Makiyo's work permit voided by Taiwan authorities after cabby assault

TAIPEI: Taiwan's Council of Labour Affairs confirmed Monday that Taiwan singer-actress Makiyo's work permit had been voided on February 16, after she was found to have been involved in a cabby assault case, reported Taiwan media.

Under Taiwan law, foreign workers in Taiwan like Makiyo, who hails from Japan, will have their work permits voided if they commit any serious violation of local laws.

As a result of having her work permit voided, Makiyo must leave Taiwan after her cabby assault case concludes, and will not be able to apply for another Taiwan work permit within the next three years.

Still, she may not be able to leave even if she wants to.

Taiwan prosecutors have earlier charged Makiyo with causing grievous hurt to a cabby during an altercation last month, and are seeking a four-year jail term for the star.

They are also asking for a six-year jail sentence for Makiyo's male Japanese friend Takateru Tomoyori, who, like Makiyo, has been charged with causing grievous hurt to the cabby during the altercation.

Source : Channel NewsAsia


ND Daily Exclusive: Interview with Andy Lau

In the film 《A Simple Life》, Andy Lau became a completely different person: throwing aside the ‘big star’ status, he dressed in ordinary clothes and carried a simple shoulder bag – at one point, people even mistook him for a plumber! It was this seemingly ‘ordinary’ and ‘simple’ performance that earned Andy a Best Actor award at the Taiwan Golden Horse Awards last year.

In the film, Andy Lau and actress Deanie Ip bring to life a master / servant relationship that is both simple yet at the same time heartwarming – when the aging Deanie falls ill, Andy remains by her side, accompanying her to the senior center, taking her for walks in the garden, taking her out to watch movies, etc. The director of the film, Ann Hui, has nothing but praise for Andy’s exemplary performance. For someone like Andy, who has always been a considerate and caring person, was it difficult to express the subtle emotions in the film?

Recently, ND Daily’s reporter had the chance to sit down with Andy Lau for an exclusive interview. In this interview, the reporter had the rare opportunity to hear Andy share personal stories about two important people in his life – his mother and father. As a well-known celebrity, Andy has a constantly busy work schedule, yet he is able to maintain such a meticulous, heartfelt relationship with his parents: whenever he sees that his mother’s clothes are not properly matched, he would quietly help her re-coordinate them; his parents don’t want to live with him because they are afraid that their friends who come to visit may not see him at his best, yet he insists that they remain by his side, as that’s the only way he will feel at ease….. by looking at Andy from his role as a ‘devoted son’, perhaps we will be able to better understand why the ‘Andy Lau’ in 《A Simple Life》may not truly be ‘Andy Lau’.

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Source: ND Daily News

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