March 4th, 2012


Shawn yue jokes that shu qi is slow

Shu Qi and Shawn Yue Man Lok two days ago attended THE SECOND WOMAN (CHING MAI) Beijing premiere and press conference. Yue Man Lok revealed that because his love scene with Shu Qi was so passionate, even the director's face was red.

At the premiere, Shu Qi and Yue Man Lok traded compliments without any fear of rumors. Yue Man Lok said that Shu Qi was the goddess of his heart, pristine, cute and very beautiful. Shu Qi said that Yue Man Lok was not light enough, but calling him "dark horse prince" was still acceptable. As for Shu Qi in real life, Yue Man Lok said that she actually was not as strong as everyone imagined. She was like a silly little girl who was very slow, almost like she was an idiot. Shu Qi actually admitted Yue Man Lok's criticism.

Shu Qi worked with Yue Man Lok this time and they had a lot of chemistry. Shu Qi was asked why she always became good friends with her male co-stars? Shu Qi immediately asked Yue Man Lok for help. "Really! Why?) Yue Man Lok joked, "I thought I was the only one online that she liked, later I realized that she liked everyone! Now I am no longer online."

THE SECOND WOMAN will open on March 8, the same day that A SIMPLE LIFE will open. Director Carol Lai Miu Shuet said that they could provide even more good movies and choices to the audience. When asked, Shu Qi joked, "What about it, I am slow!"