March 2nd, 2012


Gay blogger comes out for Edison Chen

China’s popular gay blogger Xia He (夏河) expressed his unbridled admiration for bad boy Edison Chen (陈冠希) on his microblog on Wednesday, attracting over 2,500 comments from netizens.

Calling Edison his “male god” (男神), the 28-year-old and handsome writer said: “I buy everything you endorse, watch all your films and, at KTVs, even if we don’t know how to sing your songs, we simply watch your music videos.”

“I was once so childish that I wanted to boycott your rumored girlfriends’ films/TV series. But then I discovered there’s nothing left I can watch.”

“I often bumped into your dad at pubs years ago, and thought about buttering him up so that I could meet you. When your sex photo scandal broke out, I argued with friends to show my wholehearted support,” he wrote in the post.

Edison’s manager said the singer-actor does not know about Xia’s love confession — as Edison does not read Chinese.

Well, we all know Edison has a peculiar taste for belles.

His businessman dad Edward Chen (陈泽民), on the contrary, is famous for dating pretty young men.

Edward is rumored to have had affair with mainland actor Hu Bing (胡兵); and was often spotted taking his young male partners to Thailand for vacations or back to his house for late-night parties.

So maybe this is why Xia He hesitated about whether he should sacrifice himself so as to get close to his idol?

While some netizens flatly said Xia cannot succeed as Edison is so straight, a netizen alias “Fay Fay “said, “Hard to say. He loves sex that much. He definitely doesn’t mind if it’s a man or woman.”

“Bunny” suggested, “Actually I think Edison can consider him, as he and Xia are quite a match.”

“Goodnight after dinner” told Xia, “Please conquer him for the sake of more 16-year-old girls’ first night.”

“First night” in Chinese refers to virginity.

Xia and writer Mai Luoluo (麦洛洛) were once a famous gay couple in Beijing. They broke up in November 2011.


Bwaahahah I caaaaan't!


Top Tunes for the week ending February 28

Blank Xu
’s (许飞) Rookies’ Diary (新兵日记) continues to dominate the music charts this week in China.

While in Taiwan and Hong Kong, One Million Star (超級星光大道) winner Yoga Lin (林宥嘉) tops the chart with his single Fool (傻子), the theme song of the popular romantic film Love (愛). See the featured video.

Here are the top five songs on the Chinese mainland from February 21 to 28:

1. Rookies’ Diary by Blank Xu

2. Father (父亲) by Chopsticks Brothers (筷子兄弟)

3. Journey (旅途) by Jeno Liu (刘力扬)

4. What Love Tells Me (爱情告诉我) by Eva Huang (黄圣依)

5. Happily Holding Hands (幸福牵手) by Sun Nan (孙楠)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. Fool by Yoga Lin

2. When We Experience It Together (當我們一起走過) by Sodagreen (蘇打綠)

3. Love In Spring (春生的愛情) by Kao Ming-chun (高明駿)

4. Baby Song by Eason Chan (陈奕迅)

5. Making Trouble Out Of Nothing (無事生非) by Hebe Tien (田馥甄)

Wei Chen loli

iMe’s first Thai MV released!

International girlgroup iMe‘s first Thai MV, Help Me, was just released. Starring fellow Academy Fantasia artist Tao, the MV doubles as a commercial for shrimp wontons.

“Help Me”  is the group’s second MV after “The Limit of Friendship” filmed by their Thai company, True Visions. Previous EP and MV’s were from their Korean Company, who they’ve ended their contract with following the leaving of their top manager Si Jie. They’ve recently signed with True Visions for an upcoming album, and based on what we can tell, True Visions puts a lot more effort into their works than DoReMi, which generally produces lackluster work.

Watch the MV below thanks to puiiz@YouTUbe.  source: cfensi