February 18th, 2012


Godfrey Gao, Gao Yuanyuan Tango, “Successful Woman” Drama Coming Soon

Godfrey Gao, Joe Chen Qiao En and Lemon Zhang star in Hunan TV’s upcoming romantic drama, Successful Woman’s Price (胜女的代价 / Sheng Nu De Dai Jia / SOP Queen).

Chen Qiaoen plays a hardworking but lowly employee who is shocked by an open confession by her boss (Godfrey Gao), only to realize it is not she that he loves. Heartbroken, she finds comfort with an internet friend Tom and begins her life anew in Shanghai. There, she finds success in business and perhaps even love in new employee Tang Jun. It turns out that in fact, Tang Jun and Tom are the same successful business heir played by Zhang Han. When the Tang family business comes to trouble, it is up to the SOP Queen and Tang Jun to save the day.

Successful Woman’s Price co-stars Godfrey and Coco Chiang have a romantic date in the streets of London. The photo spread below.

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More pics of Godfrey and Coco HERE.


Coco Jiang is so hot