February 16th, 2012


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Welcome to the weekly free forum post.  Members can post any off-topic randomness they wish, as long as it isn't against comm rules.  Introduce yourself if you're new, ask for recs, whatever you wish.  It will be posted between 9am and 11am PST.  The lead picture rotates through celebs from different parts of the Sinosphere.  I.e. Hong Kong, China, Taiwan.

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Happy Birthday to director Tsui Hark and actress Michelle Ye who turned 62 and 32 respectively this week. 

Also, if your fave's birthday was between Feb.12th and Feb.18th and you don't see it here, let me know in the comments. :)

If you can find sayhitoforever in the comments, she is taking translation requests for articles, just follow whatever instructions she gives when she comments.
Wei Chen loli

iMe releases first Thai single – Help Me

Girlgroup iMe released their first Thai single, Help Me,  as a part of a food commercial with Academy Fantasia’s Tao. While in Thailand, they will also record their new album, which they say will move away from the cutesy image.  Perhaps to show a sample of what that would be like, they performed We Will Rock You while in Thailand. 

Watch the commercial below and watch them sing the whole song here.

source :cfensi


Dating (engaged?) : iMe Li Yuxi and 8090 Chen Xiao

The first Super Boy – Super Girl couple has finally been unveiled!

On Valentine’s Day , 8090‘s goofy vocalist Chen Xiao confessed to iMe‘s fierce leader Li Yuxi (formerly known as Li Yuanxi) on weibo. The original weibo said:

Can’t forget the first meeting that was fated to be an endless tale. @iMe Li Yuxi/Mocika.  I love you, and not just with words. If we’re together, then we’ll be together until death. When I put the ring through your fingers, I’ll say : “This isn’t a chain, but love!
2 14.  2 people, be 1, 4ever.
Finally , Happy Birthday.
And first, happy Valentine’s Day!

Although the original weibo has already been deleted, there’s still two weibo’s up of the two’s exchange as below:

Chen Xiao has also posted a weibo to rebut angry fan comments on the two's weibo's:
"Looking at all the threats and sarcastic comments, I don’t care, because I know that I love her, I understand her, and I can’t be without her. No matter how much disapproval or disparaging comments, I don’t care. We’re strong and self-assured. Finally: What’ll come will come, what’ll leave will leave, but I won’t leave her and I won’t give up on our love!

source: weibo, cfensi