February 13th, 2012


China’s stars react to Whitney’s tragic death

China and Taiwan celebrities are lamenting the loss of superstar Whitney Houston.

“I always fantasized about sharing the same stage with her one day and telling her I like her a lot. But now the dream can never come true” — Lin Yu-chun (林育群), “Taiwan’s Susan Boyle” who shot to fame for his rendition of Houston’s signature song I Will Always Love You.

Yu-chun burst into tears on Sunday when giving interviews about the influence of Houston on him.

“Whitney Houston is my favorite singer! I was admitted into Beijing’s PLA Academy of Arts after singing her songs, including I Will Always Love You, during the exam. Thought I could see her today. Her voice will be always in my heart.” — Folk singer Sa Dingding (萨顶顶)

“What a shame!” – Singer A-mei (張惠妹)

“I used to love her film The Bodyguard a lot” – Actress Kelly Lin (林熙蕾)

“There is one more happy angel in heaven. The world lost one more female singer who cannot rescue herself. I can sing every one of her songs. I Will Always Love You.” – Singer Na Ying (那英)

Netizens always expressed their disbelief on China’s Twitter Clone, Sina Weibo microblog.

“I only learned about Whitney Houston’s passing today. Sigh. Queen of pop music. I grew up listening to her songs. May God always be with you” — Grandaxe

“I listened to her songs the whole night long. Can’t believe another great voice has disappeared” – Campus DJ Field (校园DJ田野)

“Stores/shops should only play Whitney Houston’s songs today” – Lan Jin (蓝瑾)

“Thought this was fake news … Whitney Houston :( :( :( ” – PangPang Wen (PangPang 文)

“Aside from I Will Always Love You, her Greatest Love of All is also my favorite. But God is too cruel …” – Elvira Law

“Whitney Houston has boarded Noah’s Ark. You guys! She’s only in her 40s. She must have boarded the ark. How could it be possible that she has died?” – Little C Xian Sen (小C先森)



Top Tunes from January 31 to February 7

Chen Chusheng
(陈楚生), champion of the 2007 Super Boy (快乐男声) singing contest, and Taiwan’s popular band Mayday (五月天) continue to lead the charts in the week from January 31 to February 7.

The week’s top songs are pretty much unchanged as only one song, Qi Ge Long Dong Qiang (七个隆咚锵) is a new entry.

The top five songs on the Chinese mainland are:

1. Miss A Deserted Name (思念一个荒废的名字) by Chen Chusheng

2. Bright Moon In My Heart (心升明月) by Li Jian (李健)

3. Qi Ge Long Dong Qiang by Gu Feng (顾峰) and Siqin Gaoli (斯琴高丽)

4. About Love (谈感情) by Jeno Liu (刘力扬)

5. Flying Bird (飞鸟) by He Jing (何静)

During the same week, the top five songs in Taiwan and Hong Kong are:

1. No Where (諾亞方舟) by Mayday

2. Nonexistent (不存在的情人) by JJ Lin (林俊傑)

3. Colorful World (花花世界) by Hebe Tien (田馥甄)

4. Solitary Patient (孤独患者) by Eason Chan (陈奕迅)

5. Dream (夢) by Selina Jen (任家萱)


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