February 8th, 2012


Lucas Tse hospitalised for high fever

After Hong Kong actors Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung split, the couple's sons, four-year-old Lucas and one-year-old one Quintus, had been living with their mother.

An insider revealed that the active Lucas ran a fever and had a cold recently, due to the fluctuating weather and was secretly hospitalised for four days.

Cecilia, who was busy working in China, took leave from work and returned to Hong Kong to take care of her son personally.

While he was ill, the usually active Lucas was not as energetic as before and had to take his medicine obediently. With Cecilia taking care of him, Lucas recovered and is now recuperating at home.

In other related news, Nicholas will be holding concerts throughout China this year. However, the actor would make it a point to visit his sons once he returns to Hong Kong.

Nicholas also shared that he used to love playing video games, but had fallen in love with cooking after the divorce. He would also invite his friends over to his place for meals at times.



Lollipop F's Owodog avoids tweeting Gillian Chung

Taiwanese boyband Lollipop F's leader Owodog says he willfully avoided interacting with Gillian Chung after he was implicated in a romance with the Hong Kong singer-actress.

Rumours started flying last September when the two were seen tweeting each other on Weibo frequently.

Gillian was also seen attending a gathering at Owodog's home, and catching You Are The Apple of My Eye with him in Taipei.

Owodog plays one of the sidekicks to lead actor Kai Ko in the movie, a top-grossing Taiwanese film on high-school romance.

He is also widely known for his close resemblance to Edison Chen, the man responsible for Gillian's downfall following their photo scandal.

He did however say that his friendship with Gillian remains unchanged, although the rumours did make him feel uneasy at first.

"It was quite awkward for a while...We tried to remain low-key, because we didn't want anything to be blown out of proportion," said Owodog. "But we've met at some award shows recently, and we are still good friends."

Together with band mates William and Fabien, Lollipop F was in Singaproe to promote their new album Dance.

They also talked about their dance battle experience against Korean pop royalty Super Junior, on hit Korean variety show Star King.