February 7th, 2012


Athena Chu 2 Months Pregnant With Paul Wong’s Baby; Couple Rushes Wedding

Beyond member, Paul Wong (黄贯中), was photographed  accompanying his girlfriend, Athena Chu (朱茵), for a gynecological checkup. From the photo, Athena was dressed in a bulky sweatshirt, in which she sported a belly protrusion, sparking pregnancy rumors! Perhaps the couple also intended to hold a quick wedding.

The public often regarded 40-year-old sexy actress, Athena Chu, as being more well off than 47-year-old “poor band boy” Paul Wong. The rumors were proved to be incorrect, as it was discovered that Paul in fact possessed modest wealth. The couple have been dating for 13 years. Paul often noted that he was ready to get married at any time, while Athena said that she lacked the urge to get married. Observing her apparent pregnancy, perhaps Athena finally possessed that urge to get married!

Recently, Paul experienced renewed popularity as result of singing the theme song for TVB hit series, When Heaven Burns <天与地>. Paul performed at various music events. Despite his music schedule, Paul was spotted accompanying Athena on a visit to a famous traditional herbalist, who helped women achieve balance during pregnancy and provided postpartum care.

While Athena had her medical consultation, Paul chatted with the clinical staff.  Paul browsed through the books on the bookshelf, which ranged in subjects such as pregnancy and childcare. Despite living for nearly half a century, Paul will have to learn the basics in taking care of a baby!

Spending an hour in the clinic, Athena and Paul left with a pack of Chinese herbs with smiles on their faces. Afterward, the pair went to a nearby pet store to buy dog food.

Prior to dating Paul Wong, Athena had dated Stephen Chow (周星驰) after filming Fight Back to School <逃学威龙>. In a 2009 interview, Athena mentioned that her ex-boyfriend had cheated in their relationship, in which she caught him with another woman in bed! Athena refused to bring up Stephen’s name in conversations, while professing that she returned all the gifts he had given her while dating.


I liked his album. :3