February 3rd, 2012


Aiya's Best of 2011

In spite of not having many nominations, voting on the final poll was pretty good.  70 to last year's 56.  However, we would like to thank all those who DID nominate as we obviously wouldn't have a poll without you.  So, without further ado, here are your winners:

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Well, Aiya did your faves win?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!
khalil 2

Previews from Crowd's 'Good Morning & Good Evening' upcoming DVD release

Description yoinked from yesasia:

"When Crowd Lu held his first concert at the Taipei Arena, he had to make sure it's the most extraordinary concert ever staged at the prestigious venue. On December 18, 2010, the Taiwan indie pop genius mustered up all his crazy and creative energy for his Good Morning & Good Evening Concert, a marathon event that ran from 10am to 10pm, during which he tirelessly entertained the 10,000-strong audience with his unique rock magic. Now the whole-day live concert is finally available on a 4-DVD set with 35 songs, plus bonus new single "Go to the Qingzang Plateau with Me" and a limited special CD containing 5 live tracks from the concert and a studio version of the song "The Admirer"."

Sources: teamear , yesasia

Long live the captain.

Ethan Ruan's Military Service Trouble Continues

The Doze Niu Chen-Zer directed new film LOVE will open next Friday. The film company two days ago first released a book. The director could not put the book down. LOVE will participate in this year's Berlin Film Festival Panorama segment, the director's second film to participate other than MONGA. Niu Chen-Zer expected to go to Berlin with the cast on the 15th. So far only Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) has been confirmed. Ethan Ruan due to military service could not attend. Actresses Ivy Chen, Amber Kuo, Vicki Zhao Wei, Shu Qi and others were still in negotiation. The director hoped for Zhao Wei and Shu Qi to be able to attend the most.

Ruen Siu Tin earlier finally reported for military service. The director was very happy for him, but his heart also ached for all the pressure that Siu Tin had to endure during this period. Siu Tin was accused of "dodging service", the director again clarified for Siu Tin and said that Siu Tin had no way to decide his reporting date.

Siu Tin earlier said that his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu due to work could not see him off, but later reportedly his girlfriend was waiting in the car in advance and they went to Taichung together. Some even said that Siu Tin's car drove straight into the military camp and he was again under suspicion of special privilege. Later the military said that everything was applied for according to rules, the arrangement was made only because the military did not want Ruen Siu Tin to be the target of the media. In addition, all reporting men must leave their vehicles at the gate, have their temperature take to confirm that they did not have a fever before they walked into the camp. Siu Tin however did not do so; the military reiterated that Ruan Siu Tin's car occupants were already confirmed in the camp, the car was permitted to enter to avoid a media circus.