February 2nd, 2012


Jason Zhou Gets New EP Out of Black and White Movie

Taiwan television actor Jason Tsou made his acting debut with the 2009 crime action drama Black & White, for which he also sang the ending theme song. Almost three years later, the award-winning hit drama gets a big-budget prequel on the silver screen, and although Jason isn't in the cast this time, he has a bigger presence on the movie's soundtrack. In fact, the Black & White Episode I: The Dawn of Assault concept album is half movie soundtrack and half Jason's debut album. It is made up of 16 tracks of music score and 7 songs from and inspired by the movie, including the hard-rock movie anthem "Opposition".


Actually looking forward to hearing that tbh

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Happy Birthday to actress Miriam Yeung, actress Irene Wan and actress Joey Wong who turned 38, 45 and 45 respectively this week. 

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