January 22nd, 2012


Aaron Yan's recent health scares

Following news reports that shed light on Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan's deteriorating health, the 26-year-old recently took some time out of his busy schedule to go for a health check.

It is known that the singer suffers from basilar migraine, a hereditary condition, which tends to kick in times of stress, lack of sleep, and sudden changes in altitude or environment temperatures.

At the end of last year, Aaron was down with a terrible cold for more than half a month. However, he could not go for a medical checkup, because of his group's commercial performances and drama filming.

When he finally took time out from his busy schedule to go for a health check, at the hospital where his father works in, test results showed that Aaron had a fatty tumour (a harmless overgrowth of fat cells in a particular body area) growing in his chest. It is believed that he will find time to have it removed after the Lunar New Year.

The singer responded to the report, sharing that he has been very busy and recently experienced two asthma attacks. Once, an attack was so bad that he could not breathe and thought he was going to suffocate and die.

However, Aaron assured his fans that his condition is not as bad as it sounds, and hopes that they will not worry too much.