January 13th, 2012


Ban of Cantonese scheduled to go into law March 3, 2012

WHY this hasn't been posted here, for the life of me I don't know, but the law is scheduled to take effect in a few months.  Rather than try to find a bunch of outdated news stories or opinions, here's the entry on it from Wiki.

2012 Anti-Cantonese regulations[1] or more aggressively referred to as Handicap Cantonese, promote Mandarin (废粤推普 or 推普废粤)[2] is a law proposed and pushed out by the Guangdong local government in the People's Republic of China to ban Cantonese languages. The law is signed and scheduled to come in effect March 1, 2012.[3][4][5]

The ban requires the entire Guangdong province to stop any broadcasting in Cantonese, in exchange use Putonghua Mandarin.[3] In addition to the ban, any signs left that still use Traditional Chinese characters must be taken down in the province.[3]

Guangdong provincial governor Zhu Xiao-dan (朱小丹) have signed and set the date of the law to take in effect on March 1, 2012.[3] The requirement forces all government workers, teachers, conference holders, broadcasters, TV staff to all use Mandarin only.[6] All state-run items involving brands, seals, documents, websites , signs, trade names are to not use Traditional Chinese characters or Variant Chinese character.[3] People who do not follow the law will be punished accordingly as the new law is mandatory.[6][7][8]

The signing has triggered massive responses in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. There were talks of raising movements.[6] The law is said to have effects equal to the elimination of Cantonese culture.[9]

There were a great deal of people trying to protect the language in 2010, most notable was the Controversy over the use of Cantonese by Guangzhou Television. After March 2012 Hong Kong and Macau are expected to be the final protector of the language.[3]

Even prior to the law in 2010, some anti-Cantonese practice have been enforced to some degree in Hong Kong. For example, for a long time Cantonese stations like TVB (ran by Mona Fong) requires their staff to use Mandarin when outside the station. Some celebrities were in trouble for accepting interviews in Cantonese from other stations like CableTV.[10]

Laure Shang Wenjie

Zhang Ziyi for Marie Claire, works with Tony Leung Chiu Wai for “The Grand Master”

Zhang Ziyi, with a role as a “cold beauty”  in Wong Kar Wai’s “The Grand Master一代宗师”, recently posed for the February issue of Marie Claire. Some pictures under the cut, and the rest of the photo shoot can be seen here.

Zhang Ziyi will be working alongside Tong Leung Chiu Wai, who will play the title character. “The Grand Master”will be Tong Leung’s first kungfu flick and tells the story of martial artist Yip Man. To prepare for the role, Tony Leung underwent extensive training in the “Wing Chun Fist” (this was the fighting style that Yip Man used).  Zhang Ziyi and Song Hye-Kyo also participated in martial arts training for their roles in the film.

See why Leung’s Yip Man has been called the Chinese “Dark Knight” by watching a teaser for the film.

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