January 11th, 2012

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Yet Another Rumor about an F4 Chinese New Year Festival Reunion

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UPDATE: To those who didn't believe this... you were right. Sigh. :( Zai Zai and Vanness's managers both confirmed yesterday that neither of them will be appearing on the show.

Zai Zai's manager also said that F4 already has a consensus that they will not reunite, unless it is for a charity event or for CCTV's Chinese New Year Festival.

Laure Shang Wenjie

New game allows fans to create their own Jing Boran

Tired of just making SIMS versions of your favorite celebs? Jing Boran's new app has one already made for you.

In the midst of filming three different movies, singer-actor Jing Boran released a new Apple app game called “Real Boyfriend.” In it, fans can play with their very own Jing Boran.  Download the app here.

Along with the game came  a pretty new song, Not celebrating Valentine’s, listen to it below from aa229900.
source: cfensi