January 6th, 2012


Flawless Tang Wei Is Not Used To Wearing A Dress

Tang Wei in the just released film SPEED ANGELS (GIK CHOOK TIN SI) played a "tom boy" driver. However director Jingle Ma Chor Sing pointed out that the intricate emotional scene at a wedding was much more difficult than the racing scene.

From the still, Tang Wei was dressed in white and very femininely. She joked that she was not used to it. "Normally the racing suits were very loose. In the wedding scene I wore a very elegant white dress that could rival the bride's gown. Because my character was more tomboyish, she normally wouldn't wear a dress!"


In love with that picture tbh

Hong Kong tabs still blabbing about Nic and Ceci

Speculations of reconciliation between Nicholas Tse and Cecilia Cheung started to make its rounds after a "family photo" of them with their son Lucas was uploaded online by the actor's friend and feng shui master Mike

On Jan 4, at the media session of his upcoming movie Vanishing Bullet, Nicholas appeared as his movie character - a police officer in his 30s - but all the media attention remained on the estranged couple's relationship instead.

The actor denied the rumours, saying, "It's impossible [for us to reconcile]." Nicholas also jokingly said, "That's why I brought a gun today", before adding seriously, "Be good, don't believe [the rumour], it's not true."

He also responded to claims which claimed that he and Cecilia made up and that their relationship has improved after the divorce.

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