January 4th, 2012


Aaron Yan spotted at a gay club in Shanghai

Singer Aaron Yan's sexuality has always been a mystery since his debut. In 2008, the Taiwanese media caught him behaving intimately with a male member of a variety programme.

Last Saturday, Aaron, one-third of Taiwanese boy band Fahrenheit, was spotted at a gay club in Shanghai, China, after the group's countdown performance. His appearance at the club once again fuelled rumours regarding his sexuality.

That night, a netizen revealed that Aaron was at a renowned gay club in Shanghai, and posted, "Ladies, there goes another of your dreams. Aaron is at a well-known gay bar."

Yesterday, Aaron's record label HIM International responded, "His local friend brought him there," and added that Aaron's friend owned the place.

Furthermore, there were also rumours that Aaron was being ostracised by his band mates Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen.

The sayings came after members of the public recognised Jiro and Calvin at another club and had requested for autographs. The pair turned down the requests, before security escorted them into the club.

Commenting on the rumour about Aaron being ostracised, HIM International expressed, "Aaron had already made plans with his friends, so he didn't go [with Jiro and Calvin]."


Taiwan media regulator wants less Korean content on TV

TAIPEI: Taiwan's national media regulator, the National Communication Commission (NCC), announced Tuesday that it aims to reduce the amount of Korean television content broadcast in Taiwan, in a bid to encourage the development of locally produced shows, reported Korean media.

Taiwan television station Gala Television Corporation (GTV), which mainly broadcasts drama serials, has become the first to accede to the NCC's request to reduce the amount of Korean fare they carry, and will do so from June.

The NCC had previously called on GTV to broadcast at least one hour of Taiwanese content between 6pm and 12pm on weeknights, as well as increase the amount of non-Korean dramas they carry.

It had also asked GTV to ensure local programming makes up for at least 20 per cent of its broadcast content.

Although Korean pop music and drama serials have enjoyed massive popularity across Asia in recent years, it has also attracted criticism for smothering the growth of local content from some critics in countries like Japan and Taiwan.

Indeed, some Japanese even took to the streets in August last year, to protest against Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV for broadcasting what they deemed to be inordinate amounts of Korean television dramas.

Source : Channel NewsAsia

In case there's any trolls from Arama here, Korea does the same thing in their country, so don't dumb down the discourse by saying omgracist Taiwan. Ty.

Winners of 2011 Sina Music Awards

SINA Music Top 20 Song Awards

《苦瓜》 - Eason Chan
《Smiley Face》 - Pakho Chau
《Rising Star》 - Dear Jane
《3650》 - Twins
《CHOK》 - Raymond Lam
《藍色星球》 - Ken Hung
《年年》 - Charlene Choi
《由他去》 - Ella Koon
《陽光燦爛的日子》 - Endy Chow
《唇印》 - Fiona Sit
《因為你》- Khalil Fong
《壯舉》 - Hins Cheung
《零時起哄》 - Mr.
《別再躲》 - Kelvin Kwan
《你們的幸福》 - Kay Tse
《那誰》 - William So
《末日》 - Ivana Wong
《2013的約定》 - C All Star
《配角》 - Joyce Cheng

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Source: sina.com.hk
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