January 1st, 2012


Daniel Chan involved in six-car chain accident

TAIPEI: Hong Kong singer-actor Daniel Chan was involved in a six-car chain accident while making his way to the airport in Shanghai on Wednesday, reported Taiwan media.

Chan was heading to the airport to catch a plane to Taiwan for a show, when the taxi he was on became involved in a chain accident with five other vehicles.

Fortunately, the 36-year-old singer-actor managed to escape injury.

"My taxi was the fourth vehicle in the chain.

"I'm fine! It's just that my body made a big 'S' shape when we hit the car in front, then another smaller 'S' when the car behind us hit," said Chan with a laugh while contorting his body in an 'S'.

Speaking to the media in Taiwan on Thursday, Chan said a big suitcase he had stowed in the taxi's boot probably absorbed most of the impact from the car behind them and saved him from injury.

Chan may be fine but his luggage isn't - the taxi's rear end was crushed, along with some of his luggage worth about NT$100,000 (S$4,300).

Source: http://www.channelne...1174054/1/.html