December 26th, 2010


Zhao Wei announces new film

After devoting an entire year to her family, actress Zhao Wei has announced her comeback role, actually two roles.

Zhao Wei will play two roles in "Underground Resistance" ("Shi Kong Di Dao"), a film that involves romance and time travel, the actress said Tuesday, December 21, 2010 at a press conference held for the film in Tianjin.

"But I can't say more at the moment. The scripts are still undergoing some changes," Zhao Wei was quoted in a report on

The film, directed by Li Xin ("Dazzling"; 2002), will also star actor Huang Xiaoming ("Sacrifice"; 2010), Zhao Wei's classmate from the Beijing Film Academy.

It will be the first collaboration between them, who are both now A-list stars.

Shooting is scheduled to start in February, with a release date set in the second half of 2011.

Zhao Wei, whose notable films include "Painted Skin" (2008) and "Mulan" (2009), disappeared from the public eye in late 2009 after finishing her part in Daniel Lee's martial-arts film, "14 Blades". She gave birth to her first child, a baby girl, this April.



'Let The Bullets Fly' reaches 300 million in 8 days

Emperor Motion Pictures LET THE BULLETS FLY after eight days in release in the Mainland performed very ideally as its broke 300 million RMB before Christmas Eve to become the first holiday release to reach 300 million before Christmas. With the upcoming holidays, LET THE
BULLETS FLY would be particularly suitable for the entire family. Its box office has hope to keep up with its momentum.
Its producer said after breaking 300 million 8 days will try for 400 million in 11 days. "We should treat AVATAR as the target. LET THE BULLETS FLY will contribute to the Chinese film 10 billion box office for the year."


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