November 19th, 2010

Hu Ge

Zhang Han, Zheng Shuang’s X-treme sports film first of fifteen by real estate group

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You again? - Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang became a favorite couple after Meteor Shower

Meteor Shower couple Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang meet up again for action-filled romantic comedy No limits 无极限. Directed by Feng Huayang (Kung Fu Hip Hop), the film is funded by … a real-estate company.

That’s right, apparently, the Chinese film industry is doing so well that the Antaneus Group, a major real estate company  headed by Beijing Film Academy graduate Zhang Baoquan, decided this year to invest in fifteen films, including the Korean co-production that co-starred Zhang Han -  Hearty Paws 2.

Other films include Cui Jian’s rock musical The Blue Bones, French – Chinese collaboration Dragon’s Kiss,  film adaptation of Italian opera Turantdot, Karen Mok – produced romantic comedy Running Girl, Yuen Woo Ping – directed Heroine, and 3-D featured animation Destiny.  If you’re interested, Zhang also gives a fascinating interview on why he believes that Chinese films will rapidly rise within four – five years, especially with the building of new movie screens.

source: cfensi

Display for the Antaneus Group at the Pusan Film Festival this year:
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zhang liyin » standing in the boundary
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Life is a Miracle (2011) starring Zhang Ziyi, Aaron Kwok

Company: Edko Films Ltd.
Cast: Zhang Ziyi, Aaron Kwok
Director: Gu Changwei
Writers: Gu Changwei, Yuan Yuan, Yang Wei Wei
Production Status: Post-production
Completion Year: 2011

Set in a small Chinese village where an illicit blood trade has spread HIV to the community, Life is a Miracle is the story of De Yi and Qin Qin, two victims faced with the grim reality of impending death, who unexpectedly find love with each other and risk everything to pursue a last chance at happiness before it’s too late.

Source: edko2009, The Film Catalogue