November 18th, 2010


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Zhou Xun, Huayi, United Nations produce environmentalism comic books

Zhou Xun on a recent environmental issue of Fashion Bazaar

Last week, actress Zhou Xun, along with Huayi Brothers and the United Nations, revealed their English-Chinese comic book promoting environmentalism. The first 100,000 copies of the book, featuring 16 popular artists from mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong, will be distributed to schools for free.

The project has been a two-year dream of Zhou Xun’s, who has continuously been active in various environmental causes and was named a Champion of the Earth by the U.N. earlier this year for her efforts.

“To me, environmental protection brings me happiness in all aspects of my life. I do not feel it is an obligation, but rather a personal responsibility that leaves me feeling fulfilled. I hope with this comic book, such happiness can be shared with all readers. I also hope children around the world will have the opportunity to read it, so that they will start protecting our Earth and the environment,” Zhou Xun said.

Huayi Brothers President Wang Zhonglei, who was also present at the press release, said that Huayi has also produced a cartoon about environmentalism this year.

Source: Cfensi
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“The Dreams of Jinsha” one of 15 up for the Best Animated Feature Oscar

Chinese handdrawn and also 3-D animated film, “The Dreams of Jinsha” is one of 15 up for consideration this year at the Oscars for the "Best Animated Feature" award. The film is about an initially selfish boy named Xiao Long who travels 3500 years back to Jin Sha Kingdom (located in what is now Chengdu, China as an archeological area whose artifacts are displayed at the Jin Sha museum). Together with Princess Jin Sha and an elf he helps protect the kingdom from dark forces. The film took five years to complete, and was initially screened at Cannes Film Festival

Slashfilm gives a breakdown of the chances of each film, summarizing its chances as a dark horse, but unlikely that a foreign film would win this year with Toy Story 3 in the running.

MV trailer:

Source: Cfensi
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jj lin's new "she says" mv

For his new single, “She Says”, which is also the album title, JJ Lin invited the former Golden Bell best actress nominee Jian Man-Shu to star in his MV.

JJ’s record company spent big bucks to film this story-oriented MV. But after their 20-second preview was premiered at the Taipei MRT station, the record company received a complaint from the transit authority requesting to stop the broadcast. It turned out that JJ’s MV preview was mistaken as a movie trailer. The transit authority requested to take down its video due to “not having a permit for movie broadcast.” The misunderstanding was resolved after clarifying that it was actually a MV for JJ’s new album.

JJ’s schedule conflicts the production stage of his album. He could only stay for three days in Taiwan, and then head back to the Mainland to continue his concert tour. Just for the filming of the MV, it took two days and two nights; JJ and the staff were allowed to return home to freshen up and take a nap mid-way, but the MV director advised JJ to “avoid washing his hair or taking a shower” so that they wouldn’t have to re-do his hair. Since JJ loves cleanliness, he didn’t dare to sleep on the bed; he took a nap on the sofa uncomfortably in the end.

JJ plays a convenience store clerk, servicing everyone from tidying the shelves to microwaving food. After extended hours of filming in the store, JJ joked, “I eat, drink, nap, and everything here. The convenience store has really become ‘my home’ now!”

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