November 13th, 2010


Stephen Chow has a young new lover

The King of Comedy finds love with a 21-year-old model after his break-up with ex Yu Wenfeng.

Forty-nine-year-old Stephen Chow has no lack of love.

Soon after his high profile break-up with long-time girlfriend Yu Wenfeng, Stephen is reportedly dating 21-year-old Kama Lo, a Hong Kong catalogue model.

The pair rumoured to be seeing each other for over three months now, had been photographed donning couple wear and working at Hong Kong's Cyber Port.

Stephen was previously in a 10-year-long relationship with Wenfeng until she decided to call it off with the actor-director after he refused to give her a proper status. It was believed that his mother was not on good terms with Wenfeng.

Wenfeng is the youngest daughter of Yu Jingbo, founder of Kumagai Gumi, a construction firm in Hong Kong. She has always had a keen eye for business, helping Stephen bring in over HKD2billion ($330mil) in property sales.


Oh. My. God. LOL


Cecilia Cheung and Lucas Tse to star in comedy flick together

According to an industry insider, EMEI film group has inked a contract with both Cecilia Cheung and her elder son, Lucas Tse, earlier in August to star in an upcoming comedy flick Wu Jia Zi Bao (loosely translated as 'Invaluable Treasure') together.

The President of EMEI film group, He Shiping revealed that the amount of royalties paid to mother and son "is not considered expensive".

With more than five movie projects under her wing, Cecilia is rumoured to be pocketing at least a few million for each movie.

When reporters asked He if Cecilia's million-dollar fee is "expensive", he replied, "It's okay, not too expensive."

"We have inked a contract with Lucas and Cecilia, both mother and son will be appearing together. It is considered their first [movie together] too," he explained.

The movie is slated for release next year. President He laughingly shared, "We have collaborated with a media company in Beijing, JOYMEDIA Group Inc to jointly produce this movie. Each party has a 50% stake in it and both companies contacted Cecilia Cheung via internal connections and successfully inked a contract with her."