October 24th, 2010


Big time actors to feature in 5 upcoming films on magic

Expect to see Tony Leung and Zhou Xun pair up and Jay Chou partnering Andy Lau in this magic fever

Are actors turning into magicians?

It sure looks so with five upcoming films on magic set to start production next year. One of which to look out for - Big Magician, with Tony Leung, Lau Ching-Wan and Zhou Xun joining forces with The Shinjuku Incident director Derek Yee.

Another interesting line-up would be Secret 2, where Andy Lau will be featured in Jay Chou's self-directed sequel.

We can also expect to see Aaron Kwok and Tony Leung Ka-Fai team up for Magical Illusion. Stephen Fung will be also be directing and acting in his own movie on enchantment early next year.

The magic fever started when Taiwanese magician Louis Liu's performance in China became a countrywide sensation, causing film makers to jump onto the money train. The magician will also be featured in one film with Shawn Yue.


Sounds good to me!

Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse’s love woes in Year of Rabbit

Four famous Hong Kong Feng shui masters look into 2011, year of the Rabbit, and predict that both Andy and Nicholas will face troubles in love

Following the sudden influx of celebrity marriage news i.e. Miriam Yeung, Leon Lai and Andy, the Feng shui masters have come together to look into the celebrities' fortune for the Year of Rabbit.

Looks like 2011 is going to be a rough year for both Andy Lau and Nicholas Tse in the love department.

According to Hong Kong's four famous Feng shui masters, Master So, Mak Ling Ling, Ng Pui Fu and Kan Bing Nam, it will be a turbulent year for the Heavenly King as his love life will be bugged by disputes.

As for Nicholas, they predict that he will go through the trials of love as he spends more time away from his wife due to work.


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Cecilia Cheung takes up Jackie Chan movie

Actress Cecilia Cheung makes a strong comeback as she takes up her fourth movie project executively produced by Jackie Chan

It seems like Cecilia Cheung's all geared up for a full comeback following the birth of her second son, Quintus Tse.

She will be taking up her fourth movie project at HKD 15 mil ($3 million), and will be pocketing a total of HKD 50 mil ($10 million) for her highly-anticipated return to the big screen.

Set to film next month, the mother of two is playing one of the lady generals in this remake version of The Lady Generals of Yang Family, which will be directed by Frankie Chan and executively produced by Jackie Chan.

Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing, who was originally casted for this film, had secretly signed with another company to film another version of this famous novel, along with Sammo Hung and Barbie Hsu.

It will be a clash of titles at the big screen next year with a total of four versions of this remake.

In other related news, Orange Sky Entertainment Group and Japan's AVEX have also invested HKD 160 mil ($32 million) in another remake version to cast Zhang Zi Yi, Gong Li, Tang Wei, Zhou Xun and Michelle Yeoh as the five lady generals of their movie.

Fellow cast members in The Lady Generals of Yang Family includes Richie Ren, Zheng Pei Pei and Liu Xiao Qing.


Yeeeah, an action movie as well!


Huang Xiaoming Teams Up with Angelababy in New Film

Chinese mainland actor Huang Xiaoming and Hong Kong model Angelababy will co-star in the film "A Sentimental Story," M1905.com reports.

The film entitled "Yi Chang Feng Hua Xue Yue De Shi" in Chinese is being directed by Gao Qunshu who shot "The Message" and "Wind Blast." It tells the story of a policewoman named Lv Yueyue who investigates a stolen national treasure and eventually ends up in a fight with gangsters. At the same time, she is trying to deal with a complicated romantic relationship and family conflict.

The film is based on a 1995 television series that made mainland actress-director Xu Jinglei well-known throughout China.

Gao said he chose Angelababy as the lead actress because she could speak English and Korean and portray a beautiful and tender character.

Work on the film is ongoing. The screening date has yet to be announced.


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Updates on Selina Ren's condition

Selina Ren Has Returned Taiwan For Treatment

S.H.E's Selina Ren got into an explosive accident recently in Shanghai during shooting of new drama and suffered a 3rd degree burn. She has returned Taiwan last night by a SOS special plane and transferred to Changgeng Hospital safely.
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Source: UDN, Liberty Times
Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Latest update
A member of Taiwan's popular pop group S.H.E was flown back to Taiwan Sunday (8pm local time) after sustaining serious third degree burns in an accident while shooting a TV drama series "I Have A Date With Spring" in China on Friday.
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poor thing :(

Lollipop F showcases their new bods in "Crazy Dance"

Lollipop F held an autographing and concert event for their upcoming album, “四度空間” (Four Dimensions). After 200 days of intensive training, the four members have become much manlier. While William and A-Wei went on a diet to lose weight, their leader Owdog had been eating more in order to gain weight and do muscle training. William could only sigh, feeling unfair.

All their hard work is paid off as they performed their “Crazy Dance” at the signing event. The fans screamed in excitement when the members did a back-flip at the same time. Owdog made fun, “Even Xiao Yu (Fabien), who wants to be a singer-songwriter, is going all out.” But Fabien shook his head in dismay, “In order to do the back-flip, I practiced so hard that I dislocated my (left) thumb.”

When asked which member has the best body, William immediately responded, “I think it’s me. Although A-Wei looks very buff on the outside, my muscles are more toned.” Indeed, William has been very proud of his new bod where he even ripped his top off to showcase them at a press conference previously.

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Source: CpopAccess