October 22nd, 2010

金城武//The things people do for love

Hong Kong kicks off film fest with China focus

Hong Kong's independent film festival kicks off Friday with a line-up that reflects the ever-changing landscape of China's booming cinema industry, on track to become the world's second biggest box-office earner in five years.

The seventh annual Hong Kong Asian Film Festival features more than 60 independently-made films from across Asia, but this year it will shine a spotlight on the work of Chinese directors, organisers said.

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Laure Shang Wenjie

Selina Ren and Yu Haoming burnt after explosion accident

While filming in Shanghai for drama "I have a date with spring 我和春天有个约会," the leads Selina Ren and Yu Haoming were hurt in an explosion accident on the 22nd. The accident and its severity have been confirmed by both companies, though it is uncertain the exact conditions of the two. Both have 3rd degree burns. The two were taken to a hospital nearby, and their parents, as well as Selina's fiance, all arrived to be with them.

Unconfirmed sources says that Yu Haoming's body is currently 35% 3rd degree burns, and Selina received burns on her limbs and back.

Friends of the two, including A-Mei, Hebe, Top Combine, Xie Na, He Jiong, etc. have all expressed concern for them through weibo.

sources: sina; 163

Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan's Career Once Affected By Gay Rumor


Fahrenheit's Aaron Yan (Real name: Wu Genglin) has been in the showbiz for 6 years now and became popular with boy band group Fahrenheit. But his showbiz life isn't always smooth---he discloses he was once replaced in a drama because of gay rumor. He finally understands the importance of "love yourself, others will love you then."

The 24-year-old idol was discovered by talent companies in a special way. He put up a handsome photo of him on Yahoo Match [1st pic below] and gained popularity quickly. After seeing the photo on the front page, companies like GTV, SETTV, and Comic Ritz all approached him once, and he decided to sign Comic Ritz in the end.

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Source: Apple Daily / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment

Cyndi Wang Poses Half-nude For Cancer Patients

Always stingy in exposing skin to people, this time Cyndi Wang made a breakthrough and photographed in half-nude for a cancer foundation. Asked why she was willing to take her clothes off for it, Cyndi's manager expressed: "Because Cyndi agrees with the concept of the event, plus it's for charity, so she decided to participate and express her support with action."
In the photo, Cyndi faced front to the camera and exposed her upper body with chest covered with her arms. Her manager explained the zipper on the waist: "Because many cancer patients had surgery scar on their bodies, so the photographer decided to express the idea with a zipper."


Cyndi's grandpa passed away because of liver cancer and been through many troubles during his living days. So Cyndi accepted the invitation of posing half-nude from the cancer foundation. The photographer first asked her to try exposing her shoulders, then convinced her to go topless. Thinking that she is contributing for cancer patients, she decided to go for it. This photo was sold with $10 thousand USD yesterday.

Source: Liberty Times / Translation: KAY @ Kay's Entertainment