October 5th, 2010


No sexy roles for me, says ex-beauty queen Yeoh

MALAYSIAN actress Michelle Yeoh has never been keen on sexy roles, she told reporters at the Reign Of Assassins press conference last Friday.

That's despite the fact that much has been made of her svelte figure.

And, although her figure remains slender at age 48, she will never lean towards sexy scenes, she said.

"I don't think I need to add those to my resume," she joked. Indeed, Yeoh has made her name as a skilled stuntwoman.

Doing her own stunts - she performed 95 per cent of the stunts audiences will see her doing in Reign - still gives her "a very magical feeling", she said.

In fact, her gongfu moves have only improved with age, she said.

"When I was young, I didn't really know how to look after my body, nor did I have the staying power. Now I do," she said, adding that age has given her more experience, and has taught her to perform gongfu moves with more subtlety.


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Where is the Cpop Scene Going?

"Do pop acts pushed by production companies to be the embodiment of sexy and cool, package over talent mean China’s music machine that thrived in talent and variety will begin deteriorating like other music scenes around the world? Will variety soon be extinct as only one genre becomes popular solely based on image and that famous “it” factor? As the Cpop scene begins churning pop acts that begin singing modern songs, which Han Hong calls “vulgar.”

Will poetic songs about one’s city, or one’s memories of a season be chucked out in favor of songs about feeling funny inside when seeing the person you like, humping someone, kissing a girl and liking it just for the fun of seeing a guy making funny eyes?"

Source YAM Magazine.

Poll #1628157 What's your Chinese Music Genre?

What's your Fave Chinese Music Genre

Commercial Cpop (Han Geng, F4, Fahrenheit, etc)
Old School Cpop (Aaron Kwok, Leslie Cheung, Andy Lau, Teresa Teng, etc)
Music from the Ether (Faye Wong, Ding Wei, Han Hong, etc)
Chinese Indie Music (Yuguo, Bang Bang Tang, Hedgehog, White, non-signed artists)
Chinese Rock (Mayday, Sodagreen, SuperBand, Wang Feng, etc)
Chinese R&B (Wang Lee Hom, Khalil Fong, Jay Chou, JJ Lin, etc)
Happy Chinese (Crowd Lu, LaLa, ec)
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