August 17th, 2010

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Previews for Yi Zhi Mei/Iljimae and Heavenly Weaver

Shanghai Tangren recently released clips for its two newest productions. First up is the action-packed Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei, based on a Chinese legend (and later popularized in a Korean comic book and drama, with the comic book author changing his nationality to Korean). It stars Wallace Huo, Liu Shishi and Ma Tianyu.

Second is the palace intrigue series Heavenly Weaver, about legendary textile master Huang Da Po. It stars Janine Zhang Junning, Yuan Hong and Liu Shishi.

Source: Cfensi

Lucas Tse’s Disney birthday bash

Cecilia Cheung brought him to Disneyland in Japan to celebrate his 3rd birthday

Lucas Tse is one lucky boy.

Even with his little brother, Quintus Tse's birth, Lucas has not lost any attention from his doting parents. The three-year-old little celebrity even posed in a cheek-to-cheek photo with Quintus.

For his birthday earlier this month, his mother, Cecilia Cheung even took him to the vacation spot that is every child's dream: Disneyland in Japan.

Cecilia happily uploaded pictures of her and Lucas on the net to share the joy.

Seeing him wear his bright yellow birthday hat and making funny faces at Pinocchio, Lucas seemed like he had the time of his life.

Cecilia also uploaded other family photos, including one with Lucas and his grandfather Patrick Tse.

"I didn't have time to accompany Lucas; but since he went to Japan, he should have enjoyed himself," said Patrick in an interview.

He then added that he has already given Lucas his present and promised to visit his two grandsons once he has the time.



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Love in Disguise edges out Close To You at the box office

The much-anticipated Love in Disguise was last weekend's winner among the Chinese movies currently in theaters. Leehom Wang’s directorial debut edged out Close To You with a box office intake of 2.56 million NTD in Taiwan. The latter starring Eddie Peng, Ming Dao and Amber Kuo was close behind with 2.46 million NTD.  They were both released last Friday, August 13th.

Despite being a big hit in the mainland, Love in Disguise seems to be getting a lukewarm reception in Taiwan. The movie features an all-star cast including Crystal Liu, Joan Chen, popular B-lister Chen Han Dian, as well as the star director himself. In response the film’s performance, Leehom said, “(I) hope everyone will continue their support, this is a relaxing and entertaining movie, people from ages 9 to 99 can all enjoy.”

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Source: Cpop Access, Weibo


Han Geng suicidal

Former Super Junior (SJ) member Han was on a Taiwanese talk-show when he revealed his past experiences in SJ.

Han Geng just released his new mandarin album Geng Xin as a solo artist for the first time and he was in Taiwan to promote the album when he attended a talk-show for an interview.
On the show, the 26-year-old shockingly revealed that he was close to being suicidal during the time when he was in SJ.
"I feel troubled everyday so I frequently lock myself up in my room, doing nothing except watch movie and surf the net for days."
"When I saw news of a Korean celebrity committing suicide, I realize the events leading up to the celebrity's suicide was eerily similar to mine, so I was pretty worried that I might end up taking the same path."
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Hmm, that seems to happen an awful lot there.  Good thing he's back in China.