August 12th, 2010


so many birthdays this week

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★  Happy Birthday to actress/singer Faye Wong, singer A-Mei, actor/director Stephen Fung, actor Collin Chou and singer/actor Andy Hui, who turn 41, 38, 36, 43 and 43 respectively this week. 
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Hunan TV to remake “You’re Beautiful,” starring Jiang Chao?

8090 member Jiang Chao is a potential lead

Although eeMedia boyband 8090 has yet to debut, its members are already delving into other areas. The group’s most popular member, Jiang Chao, has revealed on his blog that he will be auditioning for Hunan TV and eeMedia’s new remake of “You’re Beautiful,” a Korean drama about a girl who accidentally became member of a popular boyband. Given their history, Hunan TV will probably only take from the general idea and change the plot significantly (generally for the better).

It is uncertain other member of 8090 will try out with him on the 12th, but this would be an interesting way for them to debut on the silver screen again. Listen to them cover Meteor Rain here.

Sources: Cfensi, Jiang Chao's blog