August 10th, 2010

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China's top skaters to skate around the altar of matrimony+ More Info About the Ice Show

The famous Chinese figure skating couple Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, decided to hold their wedding ceremony on Sep 4 with a skate performance.

"We hope the performance can get more kids interested in figure skating, "Zhao said. Some of the money from the tickets will be used to train kids in the field.

Apart from the couple, renowned skaters like Mao Asada (Japan), Plushenko (Russia), Johnny Weir (US) will also perform on the ceremony.

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Metro's Mandarin Awards 2010 Winners


Metro's Best Mandarin Male Singer: Eason Chan / Gary Chaw / Jam Hsiao / Khalil Fong

Metro's Best Mandarin Female Singer: Joey Yung/ Bibi Zhou / Charlene Choi

Metro's Most Popular Global Singer Big Award: Joey Yung / Eason Chan

Metro's Extreme Global Stage Award: Eason Chan

Metro's Mandarin Global Dance Singer Award: Show Luo

Metro's Mandarin Supreme Singers: Lui Fong / Sun Nan

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Source: Kay's Entertainment

Ethan Ruan denies movie deal with Stephen Chow

According to reports, Ethan Ruan recently met up with Stephen Chow in secret to discuss a possible role in his upcoming movie Tai Chi, in which Stephen has invested over USD60m (S$30m) already.

The star was at the product launch event for Lee's jeans when reporters quizzed Ethan on the rumour.

While Ethan admitted that he does have plans for a new film at the end of the year, he clarified that it was not for Stephen's movie.

"I went to Hong Kong just to see my idol, Stephen. We didn't discuss anything related to the movie."

"I'm starting work on a different movie before the end of the year. It's very different from what I've done so far so I hope everyone can pay attention to that instead."

Ethan also told reporters that the sequel to the sleeper hit Monga, directed by Doze Niu, will only commence filming next year.

"Doze is very thorough so the whole production has to be postponed for him to tend to the details."

Ethan's impressive turn as a gangster in Monga propelled him from the humble television to the big screens of movies. Even with that big leap, Ethan revealed that he has not given up on television yet.

"To me, life comes in stages and since I'm given a chance to advance to the next stage of my life, I would prefer to concentrate on the current movie projects I have. However, I will never give up on television dramas."

Besides endorsing the jeans, Ethan also designed limited edition jeans and named it 'Lee' Zhi Xiang Shang, a play on the Chinese idiom which means 'continuous improvement'.

Incidentally, Ethan's tattoo 'whichwayisup' has the same meaning as the idiom.

"The tattoo represents my dreams to find a road which can lead me to higher achievements; a road to help me become a better person."


Man, so it's not even shooting yet....argh