August 5th, 2010


ahhh, omg I ttly forgot you guys!

★Free★For ★All!

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★  Happy Birthday to actress Michelle Yeoh and actor/singer Vanness Wu, who turn 48 and 32 respectively this week. 
Laure Shang Wenjie

Louis Koo and Sandra Ng in Mrs. and Mr. Incredible commercials

Louis Koo and Sandra Ng filmed three commercials for their upcoming Peter Chan movie "Mrs. and Mr. Incredible." The commercials were a part of the finals of a Hunan TV directing competition (我要拍电影)  with the winner directing new Hunan TV company Shineshow's new movie scripted by Guo Jingming.

The lost film of the lunar ending ( can you tell which parts are real footages from NASA?) by director Zhou Nan, who is a genius and of course won the competition.

The timetraveling clip by runner-up director Han Yi, who guest stars in the commercial as the girl in the flower field and the one pointing to the meteor shower : Collapse )
Crowd - 哇!

This is a CROWD LU UPDATE(s for the week) post. oh yeah.

Crowd just got back from Beijing~

captain's caption:


Translation: Yes!!! I'm back from Beijing!!!! Tasted the best Peking duck in your life, still having handsome-ness to push people around the Forbidden City. Sharing a heavanly picture of some Fist of Fury swing. (ahem, if you have a better translation... haha)

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