July 13th, 2010


Huang Jing Lun's close brush with death

 Homegrown singer Huang Jing Lun had a close brush with death in Yunnan recently.

All because he was trying to be helpful.

Jing Lun was in Yunnan, as a volunteer for Channel U's Stars For A Cause.

His mission: to help in the construction of a temporary bridge to replace the previous rock bridge that collapsed over a year ago.

Although the villagers managed to build a simple bridge, children still needed to do a one-kilometre-long detour to get to school. The simple bridge was also at risk of collapsing during the rainy season.

Being an urban-dweller, Jing Lun was naturally unfamiliar when navigating the area. Over an overseas phone interview, Jing Lun tells xinmsn about his brush with death.

"We were going over to a neighbouring village to get some scenery shots but the road along the way was really treacherous with streams below and above us. I was helping the crew with a tripod when I slipped and almost fell down the hill!"

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This is a 'City Under Seige' post

The first poster is released.

A movie to look forward this summer 2010, is a mixture of sci-fi, romance, drama, action and adventure film which story revolves around a group of circus performers who in their treasure-hunting trip in a mountainous area in Malaysia, have accidentally released and inhaled some kind of toxic biochemical fumes left by the Japanese during World War II.  Said accident caused the circus performers to undergo different stages of mutation, giving them supernatural powers but eventually transformed them into beast-like creatures.

Aaron Kwok portrays one of the clowns infected with the toxic fumes and is the superhero of the movie.  His love interest is Shu Qi who plays as a current events reporter covering the mutation case.  Other stars in the movie includes Ngai Sing who changed drastically after mutation and will turn against Aaron Kwok; Wu Jing cameos as a special agent who goes after the mutants while Zhang Jing Chu is a mutant hunter specialist in the movie.  Zhang Bao Wen and Tie Nan will also play as two of the mutants.

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Synopsis from AsianMoviePulse

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I didn't know Zhang Jingchu was in this.  Now I want to see it even more.