July 9th, 2010


Wu Chun has not dated for 14 years?!

You'll think given his looks Wu Chun would not have problems finding a girlfriend, but you may be wrong.

Taiwanese heartthrob Wu Chun was in Okinawa, Japan, to promote his latest idol drama Yang Guang Tian Shi (loosely translated to Angel of Sunshine), which also features singer-actress Rainie Yang.

Yang Guang Tian Shi is a joint collaboration between Taiwan, China and Japan with production costs running up to TWD80m (S$4m). Even with that huge scale, the media still chose to focus on the love lives of the two stars.

Previously rumoured to have dated Taiwanese stars such as Angela Zhang, Ariel Lin and most recently, Ella Chen of girl group S.H.E., Wu Chun revealed to everyone's surprise that he has been single for the past 14 years.

Yet Ella had mentioned in an earlier interview that she still has feelings for a fellow actor she dated when working together on a previous drama, leading reporters to suspect that Wu Chun is the man in question.

The hunky star denied and said, "We are in love when acting in the show but outside of it, we are just good friends. We are still in contact too"

Rainie also stood up for Wu Chun, saying that unlike other male actors, Wu Chun does not flirt during his spare time, so working with him was a very relaxed experience.

She even complained that Wu Chun often ignores her and drifts off in conversations.

While Wu Chun explains that he is just being forgetful and not because he was not paying attention to Rainie, one still can't help but to wonder what is occupying the mind of this secretive hunk.


Unlike other male actors (that she's worked with at least)....who all DO flirt then, I'm assuming. ic wut u did thar.

Cecilia Cheung talks about her career

Once considered the best Hong Kong actress of her generation, Cecilia Cheung has confirmed her return to the acting arena after suspending her career for four years due to marriage, childbirth and a damaging "sex photo" scandal.
Performing the theme song for summer film CJ7: The Cartoon and announcing a future role in Hong Kong director Yee Tung-shing's new project, the 30-year-old actress is set to take the industry on in full stride, with a lighter look at life.

Talking about her future plans Tuesday at the premiere of CJ7: The Cartoon, the once ambitious and rebellious young woman had a mature air about her when she told the Global Times that there is hardly anything more that she could ask for now. "I do not think that much about my career future and detailed plans. I will go naturally with anything that my destiny arranges to happen."

During the premiere ceremony, Cheung rummaged in her bag to find a photograph taken 12 years ago of her and Stephen Chow, the film's producer. Renowned Hong Kong comedian and director, Chow discovered Cheung and cast her in his 1999 blockbuster King of Comedy.

"I have always carried this picture with me," Cheung explained. "Whenever I feel unhappy or under pressure, I look at this picture and think of the innocent and pure 18-year-old girl shooting King of Comedy. Then I remind myself to keep that feeling in mind."

Cheung thanked Chow for having introduced her to the film industry and for giving her her first big break, "It is my responsibility and pleasure to pay him back by assisting in the first cartoon film he produces," she said, adding that with Chow's ambition to develop China's cartoon animation industry, she hopes she can also make a contribution.
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Cyndi Wang stars in Jing Chang's newest mv "Love's Options"

Cyndi Wang stars in Jing Chang's newest mv "Love's Options"

Jing Chang, a.k.a Zhang Yun Jing, will soon release her 2nd album [The Opposite Me] on July 9th. Besides garnering impressive pre-order sales, her warm-up single “Broken” has also topped the KKBOX Mandopop Music Charts. Last weekend at Jing’s Taipei signing event, her fans even presented her with 1 million TWD that they will use to buy 2631 copies of her new album!

Jing’s colleague under Gold Typhoon, Cyndi Wang, has also specially taken the lead female role in Jing’s latest MV “Love’s Options 愛情選項”. The two began filming from 4 a.m. to midnight the next day. Cyndi joked: “This has been the hardest guest-starring I’ve ever done!”

Jing then expressed: “I really want to thank Cyndi for overcoming all these difficulties. To have her in the MV, I’m feeling better about it already!”

“Love’s Options 愛情選項” will be Jing’s 2nd promoting single for her new album. This song was also written by Ah Di Zai, who just won the Golden Melody Award for Best Producer. Jing said that she personally really likes this song: “It’s because this song completely expresses the kind of conflicted feelings I have towards relationships. When you’re faced with choices regarding love, it’s definitely painful. But I’m actually enjoying that kind of ‘direct conflict’. But in the end, I’ll still choose to let go!”Collapse )

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Kate Tsui Relies on TVB to Find New Record Company


Kate Tsui's record company Heng Ai Asia suddenly announced to temporarily stop operating its music department and she became an "orphan" instantly. Yesterday she attended to the promotion of "When Lanes Merge" and admitted she already knew about the news of her company regrouping: "In fact my contract is over in May. I hope we can collaborate again. (Didn't want to renew contract so the company has to regroup?) Don't say that. I also don't want to give up, will try my best. Miss Lok (TVB high executive Virginia Lok) would have proper arrangements. My company would take care of everything."


Faye Wong's money making plans revealed

Money no enough for Faye Wong?

After news of the diva's imminent return to showbiz broke, Faye's financial portfolio has also been the subject of public scrutiny.

It was estimated that the diva would be raking in close to RMB 100m (S$20m) at the end of the year.

According to reports from Hong Kong, even that huge income is not stopping Faye from planning an investment in an online gaming title to be released in China. The founder of alibaba.com, one of China's leading online portals, is also rumoured to be helping Faye in her investment.

According to an insider's source, while Faye is a shareholder for the investment, she will not be dabbling in the actual workflow and execution of the project.

Responding to the reports, Faye's manager said that investments are Faye's personal issues so she cannot reveal anything.

However, the manager said that Faye did not mention anything about investing in an online game to her.

It was also reported that there were plans to invite Nicholas Tse as the spokesperson for the game. However, Nicholas' managing company clarified that he is only taking on a drama that is adapted from a different game title.

If confirmed, this would be the first time the two old flames would be working together since their breakup.


Laure Shang Wenjie

Yu Haoming and Zheng Shuang film short movies for directing competition

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Meteor Shower stars Yu Haoming and Zheng Shuang recently starred in four short movies for Hunan TV's new directing competition ShineShow. Of the four clips they starred in, two of them were filmed by the top three directors in the competition, whose finale is on Sunday.

English Subbed Yu Haoming in "Fireworks" by director Zhou Nan, who's amazing clip "I want to kill/ Sharen Show" (also subbed) you should watch here.

Zheng Shuang's Shutter Love: 
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zhang liyin » standing in the boundary

GDTV invites you to watch Zhang Liyin, Kangta, Zhou Mi

Guangdong Television (GDTV) invites you to watch "Super Flight Attendant Competition" tonight at 8pm. This time, the competition will be hosted by GDTV's own Song Jiaqi and Super Junior-M's Zhou Mi, as well as Hong Kong's famous host, Eric Tsang. It will feature a beautiful stage and emotional performances.

The performance list tonight will be a star-studded affair. "Ballad Prince" Michael Kong Liang, Korean company SM Entertainment's Zhang Liyin, China's #1 R&B singer, will be performing their songs together - quietly but powerfully, full of talent - they will exceed all expectations when they perform on-stage. Korea's famous celebrity and idol, Kangta will also be at the competition, performing a total of four songs, all of which have been specially produced for the competition. Bringing a dance team directly from Korea, Kangta will display a never before seen performance for audience members. Previously, Kangta has been doing army duties for two years; this will be his first performance on a Chinese stage since his release - highly anticipated.

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Excited! We haven't seen Liyin bb for sooooo long, omg. ;___;