July 7th, 2010


JJ Lin shows off chest muscle to a photoshoot


Recently JJ Lin went to a photo shoot for his concert. Because he had to photograph topless shots, JJ showed off the body he trained for a long time. When he took off his shirt, everyone were very amazed, but some staff joked JJ's face is too small, chest is too big, it's unproportional, and they were immediately treated with a supercilious look from JJ.

When make-up artist spread baby oil on JJ's body, JJ held his stomach in on purpose, proving he has real materials. The shiny JJ even danced like Rain, dancing Hip Hop. It seemed he is very satisfied with his fitness result!

JJ planed to hold a new world tour the next half year. First stop would be at Beijing Capital Indoor Stadium on August 21, then Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Changsha, Nanjing, Wuhan, and planed to returned to Taipei arena next April. In addition he already released "JJ Lin 100 Days Love" DVD. It has scenes of JJ Party concert and 18 piano sheet music picked by JJ personally. This is JJ's first time trying things like this and it's fans' first time saving JJ's creative works sheet music. JJ even expressed: "It's said it can teach you to play "Jiang Nan" in half hour!"


Mark Chao and Vic Zhou faces off again

Mark Chao and Vic Zhou faces off again
The two actors are in the running for the Best Actor Award for this year’s Golden Horse Awards

Vic Zhou and Mark Zhao's rivalry just got bigger.

Ever since the two stars faced off in last year's Golden Bell Awards for the Best Actor Award for their roles in the television drama Black & White, many have been keeping their eyes on the two hunks.

According to recent reports, the two actors will be facing each other a second time, but on a much bigger stage. The duo will be vying for the Best Actor Award in the Golden Horse Awards.

Vic Zhou's performance as a decadent rocker in the comedy Ai Ni Yi Wang Nian (loosely translated as Love You For Ten Thousand Years) led renowned producer Peggy Chiao to remark that he is the next Tony Leung.

Mark's turn in the sleeper-hit Monga, received positive comments from many; with director Doze Niu praising him as a natural born actor. Monga's impressive haul in box office sales was also proof of Mark's performance.

As of now, Monga seems to be the biggest competitor in the Golden Horse Awards - both veteran actors Ma Ju-lung and Wang Shixian are also in the running for the Best Supporting Actor award.

Source : xinmsn

Who do you want to win? Vic Zhou ftw xP

Li Xiaoyun - The Me You See is Blue MV

Source: Fountainpark723@youtube

OMG. This MV. It's pretty but it's just her walking walking at first...and then she goes into an alley, and then BAM! She's underwater! And what does she do? She LIPSYNCS the rest of her song. And each time she opens her mouth, she gives me a heartattack, and I pray she DOESN'T DROWN just to pretend to sing some verses. And she keeps doing it, and that part of the song is like agony, and it's like hurry up and finish the song before you swallow enough water and die.

[INTERVIEW] A Date With Jiro Wang

The most creative member of Fahrenheit "Da Dong" Jiro Wang has been interview by Fans Magazine numerous times but this is the first time he is being interviewed alone, as a writer/artist so this is definitely something to look forward to. The very punctual Da Dong arrived at "Director & Sisters Cafe" (導演姊妹的店), with a complexion that is ever-improving, he drinks his ice coffee and eats his pancakes while chatting about his new book and takes on a great challenge of his artistic abilities!
This is Da Dong's first time releasing a book and being an author. There are many artworks in this book, which piece would you most like to recommend to everyone?

In "Van Gogh & I: All About Jiro" I painted a self-portrait, drawing inspiration from a self-portrait of Van Gogh himself, I wanted to use this painting to get closer to Van Gogh. In order to achieve this, I used his "pointillism" technique to create the portrait, this was the first time I experimented with it. In the painting I'm smoking a pipe because Van Gogh liked to smoke pipes and I wanted to make myself resemble him. At first I contemplated whether I should include the pipe or not but then realised that if I didn't, it would just seem like I'm promoting myself (laughs). Van Gogh loved to paint self-portraits but this is the first time I've tried to do one. In the past, I've attempted to do self-portraits but everytime I give up halfway because self-portraits have always seemed like a challenge to me. Perhaps it's because you always need to keep looking at yourself in the mirror when you do a self-portrait, so I prefer to do portraits of other people. The birth of this self-portrait I suppose was for my book, it represents the beginning of my courage to overcome this self-portrait obstacle and also a piece of artwork that I put a lot of effort into.

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