June 29th, 2010


Cecilia slims down for her return

Rumors of Cecilia's return to the silver screen have been rife and the star was said to be actively slimming down after her pregnancy for a showbiz comeback

A photo showing a radiant and slim Cecilia dressed casually in jacket and sneakers with her colleagues was recently posted online, seemingly confirming Cecilia's return.

According to reports, the photo was taken when Cecilia was attending a photoshoot for a magazine in China. The star will be going to Shanghai after that to attend a product endorsement event.

The doting mother reportedly will be flying back to Hong Kong on the same day as she does not want to be away from her children for too long.

Earlier Cecilia had attended actor-director Stephen Chow's CJ7 2 press conference and the two was reportedly discussing plans for a sequel to King of Comedy .

When quizzed if he is offering Cecilia the leading role for the sequel, Stephen denied allegations.

"We have yet to discuss anything at all," he said.


Argh Stephen Chow, quit ~discussing~ all these movie projects and get to work, lol

Gong Li’s marriage is over after 14 years

Since their marriage in 1996, the rumour mill has been kept busy with speculations of the couple's divorce and Gong Li was even said to be seeing co-star of Shanghai, John Cusack.

The couple allegedly filed for divorce last year. Gong Li did not confirm said report and her manager, Christophe Tseng, avoided responding to related questions, saying that he "does not dabble in artistes' private affairs."

However, Xie Xiao, managing editor of the Southern Metropolis Entertainment Weekly in China, claimed that Christophe has confirmed that the couple is officially divorced.

According to Xie Xiao's MicroBlog, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, they have "exclusive confirmation from Gong Li's manager that the veteran actress is separated from her husband".

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Usher invites Will Pan, Han Geng, Jay Chou, David Tao to upcoming concert


On July 11th, American R&B star Usher will hold a concert in Beijing for the first time in Wukesong Arena. While the concert date is quickly approaching, the official guest performers for his concert had not been finalized as of yet. Usher did provide a list of invited esteemed guests requested by him as possible acts, including some of East Asia’s premiere singers such as Will Pan, Jay Chou, Han Geng, and David Tao.

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