June 28th, 2010


Heavily criticized Golden Melody Awards drew big ratings


TTV’s production of the 21st Golden Melody Awards hasn’t received much love ever since it aired last Saturday. Despite all the criticisms, it still managed to score the best ratings in GMA history with an average of 5.2%, attracting over 5.6 million viewers. The most-watched segment was Best Mandarin Female Singer with 7.51%, while speeches by government officials (including Vice President Vincent Siew) was the lowest rated at 3.18%.

TTV's production and the awards themselves received plenty of complaints as expected. However, the red carpet was its biggest failure as stars and designer clothing drenched in the rain. The 4-hour show was filled with numerous long-winded presenters, as well as some questionable performances—Most noticeably the return of singer Monique Lin (林慧萍) after a long hiatus. She was criticized for sounding nowhere close to what she used to be.

In related news, David Tao was reportedly too drunk to realize he had won Best Mandarin Male Singer at the GMA’s. He was said to be spotted with a woman at a food court in Singapore on the night of the show. Surprisingly, the singer issued a statement today refuting that claim. He stated he was in fact having dinner with the music director of his concert, Wu Qing Long (吳慶隆), and his wife in Singapore, followed by attending a musical together.

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Armed with stardom in Asia, Wu eyes return to US

HONG KONG – Growing up in the United States, Daniel Wu dreamed of a cameo in a Jackie Chan movie. The 35-year-old actor has long since realized that dream, costarring with the action comedy veteran in several productions.

Having achieved success in Hong Kong, Wu now hopes he can break into Hollywood as a positive example for a new generation of Asians.

"I would like there to be some kind of Asian-American role model for the kids out there today," Wu told The Associated Press on Sunday as he promoted his new action thriller, "Triple Tap."

As a youngster in Orinda, California, Wu said there were few Asian faces on the big screen he could look up to. Instead, there was Long Duk Dong — the awkward foreign exchange student parodied in the 1984 high-school comedy "Sixteen Candles." So Wu found inspiration in a Chinatown video rental shop, devouring the movies of Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Li, aspiring to "be in a Jackie Chan movie and be kicked down a flight of stairs."

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And that just reminds how sad and ridiculous it is that all these Chinese actors that speak fluent English have to go over to Hong Kong in order to have a career.  Because they just don't put Asians in movies here.   =/
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New Huan Zhu Ge Ge begins filming, Ruby Lin guest stars

Ruby Lin on the set of the new HZGG

The new Hunan TV/ShineShow Huan Zhu Ge Ge adaptation begun filming on the 15th. Huan Zhu Ge Ge has been Hunan TV's summer daytime stable since its production eleven years ago. However, with the introduction of the HD channel last year, Hunan TV needed a better qualitied version to air in the future. Furthermore, author Qiong Yao seems to really want a remake.

The new drama, which will have about 30 episodes, is re-written by author Qiong Yao, with the main change being the addition of a Western artist called Benjamin who falls in love with female lead Xiao Yanzi.

Although there have been no official news releases of the cast, several pictures has leaked out of filming. The playful Xiao Yanzi is said to be played by actress Li Sheng, who is fairly experienced in acting. She plays Mike He’s little sister in the currently airing Calling For Love. Shanghai Film Academy graduate Hailu is suppose to be the elegant princess Xia Ziwei. Ruby Lin, who played Ziwei in the original series, also guest stars as Xia Yuhe, Ziwei’s mother.

Rumored female leads Li Sheng and Hailu

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Meteor Shower cast begins work on new projects

Yu Haoming for the movie short Fireworks

Drama Meteor Shower no doubt raised more than a shower last summer, and the tsunami returns this summer. As its sequel approaches airing on August the 3rd and its current reairing gets top daytime viewerships, Meteor Shower already has its stars working on new projects.

Lead actor Zhang Han will star next to Korean actor Dennis Oh in the Mango Film remake of Summer Sonata. According to sina, the remake will be more lighthearted and cosmopolitan, but will maintain the serene sadness of the story. Although the female leads are yet to be chosen, Mango Films CEO Li Xiang said that she hopes to give newcomers chances in other important roles in the drama. His puppy movie Hearty Paws 2 will air in Korea on July 22nd.

Zhang Han (R) with Song Joongki in Hearty Paws 2

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