June 27th, 2010


This is a Han Geng's News!

 Ex-Super Junior member Han Geng becomes Show Luo's pupil

Ex-Super Junior member Han Geng 韩庚, who made headlines with his abrupt departure from the hugely popular Korean boy band, will release his new album titled "Geng's Heart 庚心" next month on July 27th. The new album symbolizes the start of a new music path for Han Geng. Production costs for the new album hovered at around $20 million, which included the costs for recording the upcoming album's music in Taiwan, mainland China, and the United States, as well as filming for an MV on location in New Zealand.

The distribution for Han Geng's upcoming album will be handled by music label Gold Typhoon, which is also home to big-name Taiwanese music artists such as David Tao, Elva Hsiao, and Cyndi Wang. Furthermore, Han Geng became a pupil to fellow Gold Typhoon music labelmate and good friend Show Luo.

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Taiwan's Youtube Music Day performances

YouTube Music Day will be streamed online through official channel on YouTube. This can be watched not only in Taiwan but also in three other Asian countries - Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.This will be a great chance that Asian fans can enjoy the real-time performance of top musicians picked by YouTube.


Eddie Peng


Dance Flow

More performances (TANK, Deserts Cheng, 1976, BY2, Jerry C, Olivia, Crowd Lu, Landy, Yao Yao... etc) HERE  

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