June 13th, 2010


Stephen Chow promotes CJ7 with some help from his friends

Ok you guys, I am not entirely sure what this is, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's probably some kind of promo for the CJ7 animation thing, since it looks very recent based on Stephen Chow's appearance.  Cecilia is with him, along with Lucas Tse (what a qt srsly) and Xu Jiao (the boy from CJ7).

The last two pics are from the Shanghai International Film Festival, where Ceci was again there with Stephen Chow and Xu Jiao.

  SO just pics under the cut.

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Lol, you guys, should we have a Lucas Tse tag? XD

Idol actors become singers to maintain popularity and make more money

Probably most known for its Kpop and Jpop imports (ie. Super Junior and SNSD / KAT-TUN and Arashi) in the local Taiwan market, Avex has recently signed quite a few idol drama actors and turned them into singers – with a good reason. 

Immediately after Eddie Peng resolved the contract dispute with his previous agency, Avex helped him release his first EP, “Must Love.” Although there are only a total of five songs on the EP, with Eddie’s popularity accumulated from acting in dramas, the company is willing to spend big in promoting him and even finding Shu Qi and Tiffany Hsu to star in his MVs.

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Source: CpopAccess