June 7th, 2010

Laure Shang Wenjie

Girlgroup i Me releases Aiyiya MV with Jin Ensheng of Top Combine

The Thai-Korea-China collaborative girlgroup released their first MV "Aiyiya" today. The MV also stars Top Combine's Jin Ensheng.

Also included below the cut is a clip of German-Thai member Zara and Sichuanese Canton-resident Yi Yizi practice dancing in the studio, because the dance trailer, albeit very sexy, was really too flashy to showoff their dance moves.
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Actresses Sing for Film

This coming summer will see many high profile films arrive in Chinese theaters, with big names attached. Many of these have theme songs sung by the actors themselves, backed by famous composers. One of these films of Zhang Yang’s (known for films like Shower) Driverless, an ensemble romance that includes Wang Luodan. She sings the theme Love Without a Driver, composed by one of China’s top music producers Zhang Yadong. The other is Kwai Lunmei, who sings for Xue Xiaoli, who despite being a first time director, has managed to snag not only Kwai, but talent like Jet Li and Wen Zhang (Narrow Dwellings) for his debut film. Kwai sings the theme song, composed by Joe Hisaishi.

Wang Luodan – Love without a Driver MV

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Source: Cfensi, fountainpark723@youtube

Opening of "Triple Tap" Postponed to Early July

The opening of director Derek Yee's action film "Triple Tap" has been postponed to July 2, the "Shanghai Youth Daily" reports.

The film was scheduled to hit cinemas in China on June 30.

This decision to postpone the film's opening was in deference to Jet Li's film "Ocean Heaven," which is scheduled to open in cinemas on June 18. To support Li's efforts to call attention to the situation of autistic children, the entire "Triple Tap" cast and crew decided to postpone the film's opening to boost public awareness about autism, which is the theme of "Ocean Heaven."

Yu Dong, President of Bona, the production company of "Triple Tap," told reporters that the decision was made a few days ago when Li phoned to tell him about the release date of his first non-action film.

"Ocean Heaven" tells the story of a terminally ill man who tries to help his autistic adolescent son.