May 29th, 2010

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Promotions for "Summer's Desire" begin!

Dee Hsu (May 29): Summer's Desire is finally going to air. When I was reading the novel, I kept being undecided between Ou Chen or Luo Xi, but finally chose Ou Chen. He's very possessive~~ Really makes me excited, but only if he is handsome!! This Sunday at 9:58pm - after watching it, women will definitely have difficulty falling asleep! Barbie is in between two handsome men! So cool~ P.S. The pose is in the position of an eagle, a dedication to Ou Chen.

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Source: Dee Hsu's Weibo, Barbie's Weibo
Translations: rikayla @ aiyatheydidnt
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Hmmm, mods, do we have tags for Peter Ho and Dee Hsu?
First time we've had Weibo translations here, I think.

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