May 15th, 2010


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★Free★For ★All!

This is the weekly off-topic/random post. It's a great place to meet other members and ask for recs if you're new to the scene or just need something ~new~. Talk about the week's news, music, movies/dramas you're watching, share a few pics or vids, introduce yourself, WHATEVER.

★  All Comm rules still apply.  Only 5 pics/3 gifs per comment, and no huge pics that will make everyone scroll sideways.  1000 width is probably too big in most cases.

★  Go follow our Twitter and join our Last FM.

★  The FFA will always be posted between 10-11 am PST.  (Except for days like today when I need to go out early, lol) Reference for other time zones is in the sidebar.

★  Go enter us for spotlight again, m goi. :)