April 23rd, 2010

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Ziyi Zhang: Omega Constellation Art Exhibition!

Ziyi Zhang receives a bouquet of red roses at a press conference for the Omega Constellation Art Exhibition held at the Nicolas G. Hayek Center on Thursday (April 22) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 31-year-old Chinese actress was accompanied by President of Omega Stephen Urquhart and actor Naoto Takenaka. You can read a little about the installation here.

Ziyi recently donated $40,000 during a charity drive for drought stricken Southwestern provinces in China, according to Chinese media.

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Source: Just Jared

Probably just the dress, but she's starting to look old...

Debut artiste Yen-j flies to Kyoto for 1st onscreen kiss

Debut artist/songwriter Yen-j traveled abroad to film the MV for his new song [Thank You for Your Happiness/Xie Xie Ni De Mei Hao]. He went to Kyoto for the beautiful view of cherry blossoms. In this short time, he met with the best of the spring season – the flowers symbolizing a long-gone first love. In all, this 3-day 2 night trip to Japan cost almost 250 million TWD.

In this MV, Yen-j acts as a simple craftsman who repairs antiques. With the cherry blossoms in the background, he gave his first on-screen kiss to the female lead. He was nervous to the point that his palms were sweaty. In order to act naturally onscreen, it was actually the female lead who took advantage of an awkward gap to kiss Yen-j. She even found time to go to the Otowa-san Kiyomizu-dera temple and buy him a love charm. The two seemed to be in a relationship off-screen and on-screen.

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Source: UDN
Translation: minchong92 @ AsianFanatics
Credit: binmusictaipei

Jet Li and Jackie Chan as Disaster Relief Volunteers in Qinghai

Since the earthquake took place in Yushu in Qinghai Province, China, a group of artistes joined the disaster relief services as volunteers. Differing from the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, the mountainous regions of Qinghai led to even more brutal living conditions after the disaster. Thus, there were not that many artists deeply entrenched in the current volunteer operations in Qinghai.

Jet Li Lian Jie, Jackie Chan, CCTV host, Zhao Yin and Guangzhou actor, Peng Xinzhi were the few artists to participate in the Yushu rescue operations. These artists documented the daily progress through their personal blogs, so that readers can understand the location conditions first hand. Through the blogs, readers felt the deep sense of love these artists showed towards their fellow countrymen.

Jet Li Focused on Immediate Post-Disaster Reconstruction

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Source: ent.ce.cn, Jet Li’s Official Blog
Credits: jaynestars.com

A-Mei announces split from boyfriend He Shou Zheng

Taiwan superstar A-Mei announced Tuesday through her manager that she has broken up with her boyfriend of four years, Chinese Super Basketball League player He Shou Zheng, after he was recently photographed bringing his former girlfriend to a motel, said Chinese media.

"Over the past five, six months, the two of them were under a lot of pressure, so they tried taking a break from their relationship to cool off but did not make it public to avoid hurting their friends or each other.

"It is only when an entertainment magazine photographed him with another girl that she decided she had to clear the air and reveal the truth as maintaining her silence would be problematic," said A-Mei's manager.

37-year-old A-Mei met He, who is 11 years her junior, in 2006 when they worked together on a beer commercial. Television host and basketball enthusiast Chen Jian Zhou, better known as Blackie, introduced them and they eventually started dating.

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Source : Channel News Asia

Vanness & Arissa: No sex or french kissing

Vanness Wu became a hamburger store manager for one day on the 21st, and talked for the first time about his reconciliation with girlfriend Arissa Cheo, stating their abstinence. "This is a really serious matter, (their promise to God), not something to be spoken of lightly." Asked if he would French kiss her? He shook his head vigorously, (but what if you guys get too passionate?) then tapped his cheek, saying "A kiss here is okay."

He met Arissa when filming the MV for his song "My Kingdom", but they split up after one year together. She has once acted in "RMVB", her father is a Singaporean "higher-up" in the media. He speaks of their reconciliation, "I was the one who brought it up. She still keeps in contact with my family, we broke up earlier because I had issues with my character and way of thinking. I prayed to God, and he gave me courage, so I am very happy right now."

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Source: China Times
Translation: casablanca-- @ asianfanatics