April 20th, 2010


Top 10 things Hollywood can learn not to do from the Hong Kong Film Awards

TVB botched up last year's Hong Kong Film Awards broadcast by prioritizing sponsors' interests over the show to the point of cutting Canto-pop King Jacky Cheung mid-song to go to a commercial break. So this year, the live broadcast of the ceremony went to rival station ATV who wanted to show Hong Kong how these things should be done.

There was no cutting off of anyone mid-speech or mid-song. In fact, people on stage were allowed to ramble on endlessly. By the time the show entered it's third hour, we should all have been given an award just for staying awake.

Unfortunately there was little to divert our attention to on TV. We were stuck between The Neverending Show on ATV, a tired gameshow in it's umphteenth season on TVB, Jodie Foster doing 470 different version of the 'rabbit in the headlights look' in "Flightplan" on TVB Pearl, and of course we didn't even bother to check what's on ATV World as we would rather read a book.

So, we ended up sticking it out until nearly midnight with the Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony. Thankfully we did come out of it with 10 rules about putting on an awards ceremony:



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Hah, the Bruce Lee thing sounds cute. XD
Chesterton: only to bring him to life

Chinese entertainment, internet semi-shutting down for mourning

China's State Council has declared Wednesday, April 21 to be a day of mourning for the victims of the Yushu Earthquake.

In the week since April 14, when the earthquake struck Qinghai Province in the early morning, the death toll has risen to more than 2,000, with more than 12,000 others injured.

In 2008, three days were set aside for mourning the victims of the Wenchuan Earthquake, whose death toll had reached more than 32,000 in the first week after the quake struck on May 12.

As was the case then, the State Council has instructed all flags to be lowered to half-staff and has ordered all public entertainment activities to be suspended. An urgent notice released today by the Ministry of Culture describes the details:

"To express the profound grief that people of all ethnic groups across the country feel for their compatriots who fell victim to the Yushu earthquake, the State Council has decided to hold a National Day of Mourning on April 21, 2010. Flags across the country and at overseas institutions will be lowered and all public entertainment activities will be suspended. To carry out the spirit of the State Council decision, notice is hereby made of the following measures...
3. Cultural and entertainment venues across the country will suspend their entertainment activities. All cinemas and theaters, dance halls, recreation venues, and game rooms, as well as all culture centers (or cultural palaces or stations) and community activity centers will suspend all entertainment, performances, screenings, and gaming activities. Internet service providers will suspend all entertainment activities including games, music, and video. Online cultural operators will suspend all online music, online games, online animation, and online video." [bold added]

Source: Danwei

See also this page on Shanghaiist to see how it went during the days of mourning for Sichuan.

Even if you're an overseas C-ent fan, if you use any mainland Chinese entertainment sites, this might affect you.