April 13th, 2010


Yoga Lin doesn't know Marie Zhuge; entire room gasps


Taiwanese singer Lin You Jia (Yoga) was in Hong Kong two nights ago for his concert, attracting HK singer G.E.M, Stanley Ho's loved daughter Laurinda, and model Marie Zhuge etc. Yoga thanked his sponsor Neway before the end of his show, but admitted that he didn't know who his boss' "future wife" Marie was, evidently he didn't know the things that everyone else knew!

Two nights ago, Yoga was at Star Hall to perform at his "Yoga Lin Sensory World Music Concert". G.E.M., Laurinda, Wyman Wong and others attended the concert, and Marie and her boyfriend "Neway's 2nd Prince" Ernie attended as Neway's representative. That night, Yoga appeared in a pink outfit to walk the runway, singing the night away, including many English songs. The fans were swooning with delight, and for the encore, he invited one of "One Million Stars'" judge Wang Zhi Ping to jam with him onstage, accidentally snapping his low guitar string.

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Source: on.cc
Translation: casablanca-- @ asianfanatics

Zhao Wei to hook up with Stephen Chow again?

Hong Kong media is reporting that Zhao Wei’s first post-childbirth film will be Stephen Chow’s new version of Hail the Judge. Zhao Wei was absent from promotions for 14 Blades and apparently has been abandoned by her husband, a wealthy tycoon. Though her baby’s due date is unknown, Zhao Wei has previously stated that she planned to be back shooting an advert in June. Chow’s film would not begin shooting until the end of the year at the earliest. (Xinhua)


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