April 7th, 2010


Taiwan star Vanness Wu spotted with mystery girlfriend

Taiwan star Vanness Wu has been photographed shopping with a long-haired beauty on Monday in Hong Kong and has admitted that she is his new girlfriend, said Chinese media.

The pair were spotted behaving intimately while shopping in the Central district with Wu's friends. He swept the hair from her forehead when they entered a lift and was seen laughing and chatting with her throughout the trip.

The 31-year-old singer-actor admitted that the girl was his new squeeze in a statement relayed by his manager Katie.

"Since [we] have been photographed, it's best to admit it. She is indeed my new girlfriend. [We] have just started seeing each other," said Wu in his statement.

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Source: channelnewsasia

Anticipated newcomer Nick Chou is tested before debut

After featuring in Jolin Tsai’s “Real Man” MV just last year, Bili’s son, Nick Chou, is finally set to debut this year. Instead of presenting fans with an album, Warner Music has arranged to hold a concert for him on July 10th. The condition is that the concert must have three thousand fans or more attending the event in order to give him the opportunity to release an album. The purpose of this concert is to prove or test his popularity, but Nick sighs, “Three thousand people is a lot!” A staff member immediately teases, “What’s there to worry? You’ve already gotten two thousand fans on your facebook!”

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Tony punches walls if he can't find Carina

International award-winning actor Tony Leung has an inclination for self-mutilation, and once hurt himself when his then-girlfriend and current wife Carina Lau could not be contacted by phone.

This was revealed by veteran TV personality May Fung on the last episode of TVB's Be My Guest, the talkshow hosted by the station's former general manager Stephen Chan, who has since been arrested on corruption charges.
May's words cannot be taken lightly. She has been in the business for more than 30 years and is considered the pioneer generation of artiste managers. During her tenure, she has groomed some of today's megastars like Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Tony Leung and Stephen Chow.
She said that Tony and Carina were least attracted to each other.
"Before he was with Carina, he had countless relationships. They might have known each other for 5,000 years but there was no spark. But after working together in 1989 they became passionately in love.
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hate when this happens (Snow White)

new S.H.E mv, Ai Jiu Dui Le

I hope this is alright to post, if not, I guess the mods will reject it.

There was just a post about this MV, however, at that time, the full version hadn't been released yet. It just hit the internet today.

Here it is, with my translation.

S.H.E on Wikipedia.
The translation running around for the title of this song seems to be "Love's right". Which isn't exactly wrong, except that the lyrics of the song distinguish between 愛是對的 and 愛就對了. The former means, without question, "love is right" or "what's right is love". So we have to interpret the latter a bit differently. The word 就 is here seems to be showing cause/effect relationship; 了 here seems to be showing change of state. So I translate it as "Love and it'll be right".

(Just as an advisory, I've seen bad lyrics going around for this one. The lyrics that I used to translate it are the correct lyrics, because they are the ones in the subtitles of the official MV.)

This is crossposted to chinesesongs, the translation community, and to Flip Song Words, my translation archive blog.

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Ethan Ruan willing to go bald for career

Ethan Ruan is unfazed about losing foothold in the hearts of fans, and is prepared to go an extra mile and "drop his hair" for his career.

Taiwanese model-actor Ethan Ruan, 28, was in town on Monday together with fellow cast and actor Mark Chao and director Doze Niu to promote his latest action movie, Monga. More known for his suave and debonair image in popular Taiwanese idol dramas like My Queen and Fated to Love You, Ethan will be taking a turn from his usual genteel roles to portray a brash and raucous triad member in Monga.

In an exclusive interview with xinmsn, Ethan said, "I want to challenge myself and to try something different in every role that I play." Unfazed about losing fans with his movie's scruffy image, the 1.84m-tall strapping lad is even prepared to "drop his hair" for his career.

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As long as you don't shave off your caterpillar eyebrows, Ethan, I'm okay with anything you do to your hair.

Also this: "Just like pillars of a building, we cannot do without either one of us." D'awwwww.