April 2nd, 2010

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Chinese artists for the environment

Li bingbing reminds you turn off the lights and turn on hope

The post begun as a look at the environment through entertainment, but I then realized that there were too many and yet too little things to count. What really matters is how we take those messages and make it our own. Here’s some of the messages that celebrities have recently sent out, what will you do with them?

Hunan TV artists reminds you to help our your old friend:

If you noticed that all but two of the following people (Yuan Hong doesn’t count) belong to Huayi Brothers, it’s not a coincidence. I definitely did not set out to look for Huayi people, and only realized that the fact afterwards, but Huayi is definitely one of the companies that has institutionalized environmentalism and seems to have taken on the cause as a company. Its artists, too, headed by Li Bingbing and Zhou Xun, seem to spend every week doing something for the environment.

But then, there are many artists who I’ve missed, and there are really too many to list them all.

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Huang Xiaoming Postpones Filming to Plant Trees and Raise Environmental Protection Awareness

On March 28th, many stars went to a press conference for a “Low-Carbon” awareness concert and planted trees at Olympic Park. Included in the group was Huang Xiaoming, who was recently in Chen Kaige’s newest film, “Zhao’s Orphan”. In fact he was supposed to be filming at the time. Director Feng Xiaogang, also one of the tree planters that day, revealed in order to personally be on-site to support environmental protection, Huang Xiaoming constantly kept in contact with him, and in the end the “Zhao Orphan” production team finally postponed the shoot, allowing Huang Xiaoming to rush to participate in this planting trees and promoting environmental protection event.

Huang Xiaoming, who has always been actively engaged in charity work, was chosen as one of the “Ten Big Charitable Celebrities” for three consecutive years. Regardless of whether it is a snow-related disaster, an earthquake, or flooding in Taiwan, he always donates money to the relief effort at the first opportunity. On that day, he made a donation on-the-spot of 200,000 RMB to the drought-stricken area.

Huang Xiaoming’s Fans Follow the Example

Huang Xiaoming’s fangroup followed his example on the 25th by proposing a “saving water” disaster relief effort. They not only advocated fans to help with the relief effort by saving a little bit of water in their own lives, but also by text messaging, transferring money from bank accounts, and donating money online. Their actions are an answer to their idol’s call, “Allow charity to become a habit.”

Always enthusiastic about relief work and setting an example to do charity, Huang Xiaoming feels, “To be a public figure who does charity work is not easy; if any part goes wrong, it can be spread on the Internet, and be called into question by the outside world. But I will press on. I believe saying is always better than not saying; as long as you do (good deeds), no matter how many, that is better than not doing them.”

Famous Directors Try Do Their Part as Well, Some Better Than Others

Director Feng Xiaogang has always been known as direct, and his attitude towards philanthropy in the arts was the same. He said, “Don’t look at me as if I’m a saint, everyone. I can do good deeds, and I can do bad deeds, but I hope I do more good deeds than bad.”

And one has to wonder at Chen Kaige, director of Zhao’s Orphan. He is perhaps one of the most notable offenders of the environment in China, causing public outcry at how he ruined the surrounding areas for the most panned The Promise. If the sheer awfulness of the movie wasn’t enough to produce hate, his complete disregard for environmental protection while filming was. So the fact that he allowed Huang Xiaoming to leave filming of his new movie showed some progress. For some, it’s baby steps. And that’s admirable too. Let’s try do our part, and start wherever we can. If Chen Kaige can, so can you. Wait…that’s a terrible motto to end with. Let’s use Huang Xiaoming’s – it’s better:

Allow charity to become a habit.

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Donnie Yen Praises Huang Xiaoming's Professionalism

The Wilson Yip Wai Shun directed, Donnie Yen Chi Tan, Huang Xiaoming, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam) starred kung fu epic IP MAN 2 will open simultaneously on April 29 in Asia. Yesterday the film unveiled the latest set of photos with Ip Man's oldest disciple Wong Leung (Huang Xiaoming). His cool denim look was very trendy and sharp. Huang Xiaoming in the film had many fight scenes and even fought with Yen Chi Tan against hundreds as they performed the film's only big scale group fight scene. Yen Chi Tan gave Huang Xiaoming high marks. "For his first kung fu film he already fought very well, he has a lot of potential."

IP MAN 2's story took place in the 50s Hong Kong. Every actor almost wore uniform costumes. Yet in the latest stills, Huang Xiaoming appeared in a denim look with an extra large leather bag and looked very trendy to modern eyes. Huang Xiaoming became the entire film's most trendy symbol as he added color to the gray toned film. Reportedly, this look was Huang Xiaoming's first appearance in the film as he challenged Yen Chi Tan to a fight.

IP MAN 2 began with the challenge between Huang Xiaoming and Yen Chi Tan. Against Yen Chi Tan and his decades of kung fu background, Huang Xiaoming honestly said the stress was enormous. Yet his performance finally received Yen Chi Tan and action director Sammo Hung Kam Bo's recognition. Yen Chi Tan expressed, "Because Huang Xiaoming didn't have any martial art background, a lot of action would be more difficult to perform. At the start of this fight scene Hung Kam Bo could not capture the feeling that he wanted so he let us fight time and time again. Finally Huang Xiaoming's arms were all red and face was all pale, but he only rested for five minutes before starting anew like a professional. Actually I feels that he already fights very decently and has a lot of potential."

According to Huang Xiaoming, he has enjoyed wuxia novels since childhood. "My childhood dream is to make a kung fu film." This time he fulfilled his own kung fu dream because he was able to learn real kung fu from Yen Chi Tan, Hung Kam Bo and others on IP MAN 2. In the film all the actors from Yen Chi Tan and Hung Kam Bo to Sik Siu Lung had kung fu backgrounds. Only Huang Xiaoming was trying his first kung fu film. To keep his performance from looking too gentle, the team revealed that Huang Xiaoming was very professional and tough. Not only did he spend a month before the shoot to practice with a Wing Chun instructor, he kept practicing with the stunt coordinators on the set. He even moved a wooden man into his hotel room to practice daily. Reportedly after the shoot Huang Xiaoming even transported the wooden man to his Beijing home from Shanghai and still practiced when he had time. In life he also became an authentic "martial art fanatic".

I almost feel bad for posting three consecutive posts that mention HXM. Except it's HXM, so not really. ♥

Bruce Lee's daughter thrilled by his legacy

HONG KONG : The daughter of late kung fu legend Bruce Lee said Wednesday she was thrilled his fame had endured four decades after his untimely death, and hoped Hong Kong would soon have a museum in his memory.

Shannon Lee Keasler was visiting Hong Kong with her mother Linda Lee Cadwell to launch an exhibition dedicated to the "Enter the Dragon" star, who died of brain swelling at the peak of his film career in 1973 aged just 32.

"We are absolutely thrilled that so many people continue to be inspired by him and find so much value in his life and work," Lee told AFP, adding that she would be in Tokyo next month to launch another exhibition of her father.

Keasler, who is an actress in the United States, said some of the exhibits were from the family's collection, including a pair of sunglasses, boxing headgear, film costumes, and samples of her father's handwriting.

The exhibition, which will end on April 6, is part of a series of events to pay tribute to Lee during this year's Hong Kong International Film Festival.

The future martial arts hero was raised in Hong Kong before moving to the United States in his late teens.

Keasler said they were raising funds for a US museum, and hoped a government plan to transform Lee's former home in Hong Kong's Kowloon Tong district -- now a seedy love hotel that rents out rooms by the hour -- would begin soon.

"We hope there will be some sort of symbiotic relationship between the museums in Hong Kong and the US, so that the two museums can share some of the exhibits."

A local design contest ended earlier this year. But the Hong Kong museum's final look, building costs, and the project's completion date have yet to be determined.


A REAL Bruce Lee newsbite, lol.
Laure Shang Wenjie

SW China experiences worst drought in history

The villager's supply of water

Over the past five months, Southwestern China, including Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou, Chongqing, Guangxi and parts of Hunan and Gansu, experienced its worst drought in a century, following another drought in North and Northeastern China last year that led to a 50% crop loss.
In large areas of Guizhou, the drought has been continuous since eight months ago.

Some communities since January have been rationing just enough water to keep people alive.

-source: UPI

The recent drought has left 18 million residents and 11.7 million head of livestock in the region with drinking water shortages and caused direct economic losses of 23.7 billion yuan.

-source: Chinadaily

Meteorologists have predicted the situation could worsen in coming months as hot and dry weather was expected to continue and water demand rises as farmers turn soon to their spring planting.

-source: AFP


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MTV JAPAN…guess who’s coming…

Vanness Wu will be performing at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan.  The following is his AND blog post about it.

Should be pretty fun…hope to see you all there. God grant me the ability to choreograph something good. Haha can’t wait. Let’s Go~!!! GOD INSPIRED…NEVER RETIRED…MADNESS~!!!


I just rejected a post about this because of the only passing mention of VW, but the larger article source link is welcome if the poster would like to post it in the comments.  Or anyone else, for that matter. :)