March 29th, 2010

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Consolidated News: Media Asia 2010 Film Preview

I mostly picked out the news involving Daniel Wu and Miriam Yeung because I'm biased like that. :p However, with them comes fun stuff about Louis Koo, a starting to be somewhat endearing Shawn Yue, and Stephen Fung, so yay. :) And Anthony Wong, who doesn't have a tag but is a BAMF. :p And Vivian Hsu, and Richie Ren. :D

Seriously, if I had been at the film preview I would have flailed like a mofo. Because this is a collection of awesomeness. Aside from that though, I'm REALLY excited for the list of films :D :D :D

That said, I bolded points of interest that have to do with the people tagged in the post because it is a LONG ASS Consolidated post. Seriously. It happens with the amount of starpower that was there.

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Credit: HKTop Ten @ Blogspot  Article 1, Article 2 and Article 3

daniel wu

Consolidated News: Love in a Puff and Like a Dream Premieres

Consolidating two articles again because the articles are kind of related. Both premiered at the HKIFF and both events were attended by Daniel Wu and Miriam Yeung and Shawn Yue :D And it's kind of lulzy and adorable what went down. Interactions are dorky, which is love! <3 :3 Also, bonus Stephen Fung, Daniel's mom and sister! :)

Also, I've begun to see why Miriam got together with this Gary "Real" Ting dude. He's kind of self-deprecating and lulzy, like her. I really like him now. Hahahahaa. And like I said about Takeshi Kaneshiro, Daniel Wu should make babies. The beauty, it must be spread. Especially with Lisa S. who is more gorgeous in person than I ever expected.

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Credit: HKTopTen @ Blogspot Article 1, Article 2
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Charlene Choi knows who the marriage certificate culprit is

Charlene Choi was celebrating for the concert's success with fans, having a hot pot feast together. Seeing fans kind support for her, she felt extremely emotional, her eyes even turned red, appearing watery. She expressed that because of her news, even her parents are being targeted for interviews, but she strongly stressed that it will not affect her work.

Ah Sa frankly said that there is someone who leaked out the marriage certificate, she said: "Not even my company knew, only a few friends knew. I know in my heart who, I'm really hurt to be betrayed."

Source: AsianFanatics

I feel sorry for her. :(

Edison Chen still a favourite with youths

Perhaps time does heal wounds. Two years since his online sex photos frenzy, Hong Kong actor-singer Edison Chen's popularity with college kids shows no signs of waning, or at least recovered since the 2008 scandal crashed his career to a halt.

Currently based in Los Angeles, the 29-year-old recently guested on Taiwanese variety Da Xue Sheng Le Mei, a talkshow catering to university students in the country, where the warm reception proved his seemingly unperturbed status as an idol to youths, regardless of gender.

The female undergrads in the audience switched from their usual lacklustre get-ups to mini skirts. When host Matilda Tao invited one of them to sing the classic ballad 'Listen to the Sea' at Edison, she blushed so much she couldn't continue after two lines.

The male collegians, on the other hand, were in awe of the man and crowned him "fashion god". Some revealed they own clothes from the Chinese-Canadian star's fashion label, which prompted Edison to invite the students present to the opening of his new Taiwan store.

And he kept his word. His manager later asked for the namelist of all the undergrads who were at the recording from the show's producer.

Sources said Edison wasn't as uptight as his previous public appearances since the 2008 incident, believed to be due to a studio being closed to the media. His management had requested for reporters to be barred.

Source: Yahoo!News Singapore