March 20th, 2010


A-Mei becomes Amit to rock out at the Taipei Arena

The songstress performed the first of two shows as her alter ego at the Taipei Arena last night. Unlike the classic A-Mei, Amit didn’t need any fancy outfits or dancers to wow her fans. She simply impressed them with her powerful vocals and music. Over 10,000 fans cheered her on with red glow sticks and turned the Taipei Arena into a sea of red. Amit joked, “But what’s with the people that bought the wrong color?”

The Amit tour started last November in mainland China, and with nine shows already completed. Maybe it was the overwhelming pressure of performing at home, Amit cried during the preshow prayer. After getting on stage, she said “My body was shaking as I walked out, you guys know Amit is a newcomer, she can be nervous as well.”

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Source: CpopAccess

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Mark Chao received death threats from ad vendors

Mark Chao is getting too hot and popular for his own good.

As the new favourite face of advertisers, endorsement deals have been constantly knocking on his door ever since he, a relative newcomer to acting, bagged the Best Actor award at the Taiwanese Golden Bell Awards last year. So far, he has been loaning his star power in ads for coffee, jeans, electronics, and oddly, feminine products.

Following his win, Mark was also offered a lead roles in recently-released gangster flick, Monga, which also stars fellow Taiwanese actor Ethan Ruan.

While it seems like his career, fame and wealth can only go up, things are apparently not as smooth-sailing as they seem for the 26-year-old actor.

Over the last few months, Mark has had intimidating threats and unreasonable demands from various unscrupulous vendors, despite the stated terms on his advertorial contract. Said vendors have even threatened to get the mafia involved in order to get him submit to their demands.

In order to score Mark’s celebrity for their endorsement deals, some vendors reportedly issued death threats to his management company.

A representative from the company admitted to receiving “threats and harassments” but refused to divulge more details on the matter. He expressed that the company have “stepped up on protective measure to ensure everyone’s safety.”

Source: MediaCorp